upNXT Feedback: NXT July 18th 2018

Ello, ello, ello! Davie here, requesting your beautiful feedback for the best hour of WWE TV.

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You rock! Sorry about England, but France is pretty close.

Jalen from Pickering,

Idk if I missed something at the beginning of the show, but I could’ve sworn the main event was supposed to be a fatal 4 way. It was honestly probably for the better though, as these 3 veterans had a great match.
Is Bobby Fish a millennial? That Dusty Cup seems more like a participation trophy, considering he didn’t even help them win it. He literally doesn’t do anything besides be there, let the man talk or at least interfere in their matches.

I’m excited for next week, but unfortunately WWE and the internet spoiled the title match for me already. I really wish they had a no phone policy for their tapings.

Alex K from T.O

Another great NXT show but as good as the action was in the ring the highlights for me were the segments outside the ring. Velveteen Dream was the best especially highlighting the words after he said them. With any other character this would be lame but the Dream was great.

EC3 and Reeves had a great back and forth but I feel we all lost by not having them as a tag team even for a little bit. Am I the only one who wants the network to stop showing those WWE gear ads and replace them with EC3 doing old school WWE merchandise ads? The way he pulled out his shirt and told us where we can buy it was so natural.

I like that they gave the Street Profits another segment but do these guys know there is a performance center that they can train at so they don’t need to go to a park to train? I keep waiting to see Cryme Tyme run past them doing another vignette from when they started in the WWE. Yo, yo, yo! Pop a 40 and check your rollies.

Carlos from sunny Scotland,

Nothing but proud of our team Davie. Right team won the cup.

Not watched the show yet as its not shown until Thursday over here but quick question instead…WarGames is confirmed…Is it UE vs BSS vs War Raiders?

Cheers you early birds.

Omri from piping hot Israel,

A great episode of NXT, the crowd was molten throughout everything and both the matches and the many promo videos were good.

Lacey Evans has improved a lot and you can see it by the fact I was engaged in her match from start to finish. Her punch to the gut looked brutal!

Kassius looks like he’s starting a heel turn when all through the 10 seconds of his match and after he seemed disgusted to have had to do a squash match. I’m very interested in where this is going.

All the videos today were very good but especially the war raiders’, the championship match and the Velveteen were great. Velveteen took us down an acid induced trip down memory lane and I loved it.

And to top it all off, what a great main event, they all showed their strengths and the only down side was the commentary asking Shayna the same question in 15 different variations only for her to get annoyed that they’re not listening (who would you rather face? it does NOT matter).

Overall, I’m very excited for the near future and am looking forward to seeing what unfolds.