upNXT Feedback Thread: August 15th 2018

Ello, ello, ello! Davie Portman here with your weekly NXT feedback thread and this week is a very, very big week! It is the go home edition before Takeover: Brooklyn IV aka NXT’s WrestleMania AND we have a HUGE competition to give one of you beautiful listeners a ticket to the event! Details will be revealed on the show. AHOY!

Jesse from the 6

Last week you both remarked that you liked that German dude’s (Marcel Bartel?) entrance music.
It’s the 4th movement, the allegro, from Antonin Dvořák’s 9th Symphony in e minor (the "New World Symphony). I’ve long thought it would make good entrance music so was glad to hear it.

Are either of you fans of classical music? I think more wrestlers should use it. Most of it’s public domain by now and there is some epic music there. And I don’t mean the cliché stuff like Bryan’s “Ride of the Valkyries” or Hunter Hearst Helmsley’s “Ode to Joy”.

I think Maurice Ravel’s Boléro or Sergei Prokofiev’s “Montagues and Capulets” would both work a treat.

Take Care

Omri from Israel,

An overall good episode of NXT with some high highs and and less than average lows.

Let’s start with the crowd: they were pretty awesome all night long, especially during the Dream/EC3 promo battle. I’m pretty sure at some point they started chanting “NXDream”. During the main event they were pretty quiet, as if they didn’t know who to cheer for.

Next is the main event of TakeOver: I’m officially not interested now that Black is out. The part where they showed the entire roster was out there during that attack was ridiculous to the point of funny. It’s like they were playing “Where’s Waldo”.

But the best thing by far that happened on this edition of NXT was the Kairi Sane massacre of Alliyah. That was the best women’s angle since the 4 horsewomen, and I’m not kidding. Kairi pointing at Shayna as she delivered the anchor was awesome. Absolutely amazing.


Liked Kairi’s newfound meanstreak but poor Aayliah. Not sure what she did to deserve that beatdown, and not sure why a babyface was put in that spot either.

Only Velveteen Dream could wear Double Denim (AKA Canadian Tuxedo) with army boots and a fanny pack, and make it work. The man is a genius.

That Whodunnit video was so over the top, they tried to implicate way too many people. Also are we to believe basically the whole roster, was outside, in their gear, at that exact moment? Thank god for those enormous arrow graphics, i never would have known who they were talking about.

Bate & Strong was unsurprisingly excellent. As long as they’re giving us any combination of UE & MM on a regular basis I’d be happy for this feud to last the rest of the year.

Enjoy your trip to Brooklyn Davie. Put up a postal address so we can send you guys housewarming shit for the BDE.


Mat from RI

Love the show, and thanks for bringing it our way each week.

I’m very conflicted about whether or not I enjoyed this episode or not. I’ve been to a few live NXT shows here in the Northeast, and every time I see the street profits live, they steal the show. This is mostly from the energy they draw from the crowd as they interact with them before, during, and after their matches. If they could incorporate more of this joy/energy into their TV matches, I think the sky is the limit. The match with the Mighty was okay, but overall could have used a bit more pop.

When I saw that Aliyah was coming up next, I flipped over to Jeff Ross’s Roast Battle for an hour. Knowing that this was the go home show, I eventually came back, hoping this segment wouldn’t die a slow death and kill any interest I had for Takeover Saturday.

I was shocked and pleased when I watched Kairi dismantle Aliyah over and over and over again. Not only did it hold my attention, but it genuinely got me excited for this upcoming match.

EC3 vs Dream is money. Give them all the monies in a Miami Pool now.

I really wish the GvC championship match was in a cell. I’m also very curious on how the next few takeovers were mapped out before Black’s injury happened. They’re going to steal the show regardless. I hope they give them an hour.

Lastly, from watching the .com extra posts this week, I came to realize that I would really love to see a NXT Big Brother style show on the network. Watching the NXT Superstars interacting on their Truman Show set day in and day out would be amazing.

Thanks for the show. Appreciate it.

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Ok why was Aliya sitting up before each insane elbow ? She seems like a nice girl but in ring she’s really bad.