upNXT Feedback Thread: June 13th 2018

Ello, ello, ello! Davie Portman here. Braden and I will be recording upNXT around 1am EST so you have until then to leave us all your valuable feedback! Ahoy!!

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Hey lads, LTL-1TP from Perth Australia.

Another solid episode and a great main which has me hype for Takeover but I wanna talk about Bianca Belair. I think she’s great - super talented, lots of raw potential - but those hairwhips drive me fucking crazy. I view the ponytail as more of a foreign object than a body part, you can’t scratch and gauge with your nails so hair should be out of the question too. I think it annoys me SO MUCH because shes already SO GOOD and shouldnt need a silly gimmick like that. Interested to hear what you guys think. Thanks!

Hey boys, Another solid episode of NXT… I was only disappointed by one thing. I really thought that Lars was going to throw Aleister in the dumpster to bring his story full circle. Other than that I’m really looking forward to Takeover this week, keep up the good work!


Dakota Kai is so freaking beautiful !!! , i love her as much as Davie loves sane !

Honestly i love nxt it is so good ! But takeover looks so predictable ! My pics are all champions retaining !
My question
Do you think we will have surprises on that show?

Very, very excited about this The Mighty vs War Raiders match. I’m assuming it’ll be a dark match this weekend/air next week. Hopefully it’s as great as AoP vs TM61 from Toronto. it has the potential to be even better if given some time.

Was disappointed in the Ohno/EC3 match. My opinion of EC3 is pretty universally shared, ‘good on the mic, not good in the ring’ but I thought Lars vs Ohno was really great, so was hoping EC3 could be dragged to something worth watching, but apparently not. Really liked Ohno’s striking, thought he looked fantastic, but hated the finish.

The UK Title match was the best match the WWE has produced, TV or PPV in quite awhile. Possibly since Mania. Just fantastic I expected shenanigans, but was very pleasantly surprised that we got a clean finish. This is when NXT is the best, when they give a main event 15-20 min to tell an amazing story in the ring without interruption. Makes each week Must Watch instead of just wanting to tune in for the Takeovers.

Question: Have either of you guys seen Bipolar Rock and Roller yet? It’s amazing, really worth seeing, and has really affected the way I listen to Ranallo now. I’m paying far closer attention to him and everything he brings to the table.

Jalen from Pickering,

NXT was good as always and did its job as a go home show, while still giving us some strong wrestling. NXT has awesome video packages, and that shot of Ciampa’s gross eye was great. This Takeover could very easily be almost as good as New Orleans, which is saying a lot.

Braden, you said you were going to the Kendrick Lamar concert, and I went too, it was LIT! I saw people rocking LIJ, BC, and NWO merch there which I found pretty cool.

Question: Who would you guys make anchors of NXT like Balor and Asuka were? Ricochet and Candice Lerae perhaps?