upNXT Feedback Thread: NXT Wednesday 6th June 2018

Ello, ello, ello! Braden and I will be recording this weeks edition of upNXT later tonight, so you have a few hours to leave us all your valuable feedback!

No more network so I am relying on you two to keep me up to date on whats going on.

Hey guys Dan from Florida again, I don’t have much time this week so no stories from this round of tapings but it was a good one overall. Tomato Champion continues to be the best heel in wrestling and somehow this feud is getting better now over a year after the start. As always I love the show keep up the good work.

Tomasso is a genius. Lacie Evans and Kairi was good. Lacie is getting better but she still needs work being crisper in her moves. I loved her rubbing the fist on Kairi’s face and the pushup cocky pin though.

The real highlight of the show though was the Dream and Ricochet hype package. Two men talking, especially Dream saying he doesn’t want to be a King but rather he enjoys being the prince…made me nut. Twice.

Charbel from Victoriaville ( sorry fo my English )

I know i told you my wife love Lacey because of what we saw about her and her little girl in the myc, but boy today i was really impress . As much as i love sane when i saw that they were fighting for the 3rd time i was l little pessimistic about the match and I’m glad i was wrong that match was fantastic and fresh !

Papa rod his really mister nxt everything he dose in the ring is money , as a heel he is so good i really love when he walked on Burch it was so an SOB move

Gargano and tomato is getting stale when i think about the build up for this week nothing new that i dint see , and please dont get me wrong i still think it is the feud of the year i was just ready i think for the match at Chicago , knowing the outcome that ciampa is winning and we will have tomato vs johnny badass in a hiac at Brooklyn , hope they keep it fresh and full of new idea for the rest of the build up .

For me te main event of takeover the dream vs ricochet, seriously i think those two have the best overall character , there is just no one at their level character wise .

My question , i really think this takeover is predictable , black , shayna , undisputed era are all retaining , tomato is winning … but velveta dream or king ricochet ?

Alex from TO

Hey guys,

Enjoyed the Lacey Evans - Kairi Sane match especially the nice touch of Lacey showing off that she wrote Kairi on his right hand. I guess she might have gotten the idea to use a permanent marker from the B Squad. I am not sure why Sane made the switch from pirate princess to leather biker chick with an Asuka colour splash.

The segment with Lars destroying people at the performance center was a good way to keep building him up as a threat plus I like knowing they use the center for more than media scrums.

The Strong-Burch match was entertaining although if they are going to keep going with the Burch- Lorcan team at least they should call them the “One Two Punch”.

I know Gargano Ciampa is the main event but for me the match I want to see the most is Ricochet vs. Velveteen Dream. I think that steals the show.

Scrump from Pro Wrestling Tees

Hey guys!
Long time listener, first time caller!
Rumor has it that Keith Lee is finally making his way to NXT.
If those rumors turn out to be true, do you guys think it would be good to pair him with a floundering Donnavon Dijak?
They teamed on and off in PWG and made a good team.

It would be refreshing to see some new teams in NXT as the Street Prophets, Heavy Machinery, and TM61 have become stale in my eyes.

You can even have them branch off into a singles feud, since the real money would be in a one on one feud between the two but introducing them and their characters first like they did with DIY.

I’ll be attending Takeover live so I’ll shoot over some feedback after the show next week.

Carlos from Sunny Scotland…

I think i have posted in time this week, damn time difference between Canada and UK.

Im beginning to really like Lacey Evans as that number 2 heel, just wish she had a better finish but her and Sane had another fun match but Sane is really becoming lost in that division which will only get worse once MYC2 comes around.

As a Brit i just love Burch and enjoyed that match, continues the TakeOver build with Undisputed. Cant say anything bad about the Campia, cant wait for their match and the hype reel for Dream/Ricochet wasnt needed as that match is already as hyped as can be.

Question… As good as TakeOver looks, many matches feel like placeholders so where do you see these feuds/winners going looking to Brooklyn… Cheers gents