upNXT: Game of Thrones Ep 5 and Prediction Thread

Alo, allo, allo! I will be hosting a very special edition of upNXT tomorrow morning where I will be joined by friend of POSTWrestling, Mike Hogan. We will be talking all about this week’s penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, theories for the final episode and thoughts on the series as a whole.

We would love to hear all of your thoughts on tonight’s episode and your theories. Who will win the Iron Throne? Who will survive? Will Bronn ever get a bloody castle. Would love to hear all of your thoughts as this incredible television show is about to enter it’s final chapter.



MJ from The North Jersey!

BURN IT DOWN!!! Sorry, I had to.

So after all of that, she torched the city, kills all sorts of people - and she’s the Mad Queen after all.

I actually didn’t think it was possible to feel bad for Cersi but they gave Dany much more heel (Dragon?) heat than I ever imagined.

In the immediate aftermath I’m struggling with the fact that nobody in this story has been worth backing. Except Sansa and Arya. I’m out on Jon Snow. He is a bit of a wuss, a terrible general, and he can’t get out of his own way. I’m not sure how they expect us to feel about these characters anymore except they all lack my support. Can’t decide if it’s due to a poorly scripted final season more about theatrics than character arcs and story telling, or if the story was always going to have a unhappy ending.

Prediction: Arya is going to take out Dany.
With the Capital gone, let’s just shift things North and let Sansa be the baby face we always needed. Almost feels like Sophia Turner’s babyface rise on social media is to correlate with her being the only likeable character by the end of this.

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Eric from Sudbury
This has somehow surpassed Dexter as the worst written final season to a great series I can recall. I don’t want to waste any of your time by writing 50 paragraphs about my pure salty disappointment from this season, and I hope you found more enjoyment in it then me.

I can’t believe what they did to Jaime Lannister. I used to tell people he was the most well written character on television. Well I was wrong. Years and years of character development for what? It must suck to be a fan of Daenerys. I would bet my entire life savings (about $1.25) that we get the most cliched “Jon kills Dany” fanfiction ending for the next episode. I’m so salty man. I guess I just wanted something else.

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Brendan from Stratford (CT)

I feel like this episode though it was good made a lot of the show seem rushed. I feel like this last season likely should have been 2 seasons if not more. The ease with which Dany destroyed kings landing really made of feel like the last 2 episodes (at least) were written to make you think Cersei had a pretty good chance to win. Dany has lost half of her forces and 2 of her dragons which were seen as vulnerable. Cersei had the same numbers, naval superiority, scorpions, and a castle. None of it mattered. Jamie was right in season 7 when he told Cersei they would lose.

Admittedly, I’m all in with game of thrones and it’d take something absolutely ridiculous for me to be put off, but I think a lot of fans are being overly critical of this season. For episode 4 to be rated, by far, the worst episode of the series on IMDb is ridiculous to me. I’m not sure what people expect.

I think on a rewatch, without the weight of expectation, this season will be viewed far more favourably.

Can’t wait until the final episode, but will be a little sad once my watch has ended.

P.s I HATE bran.

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I like the season, I just think it is too rushed. It feels like too much to wrap up in 6 episodes, even with 4 being longer episodes it still only comes out to about 7 episodes worth of time.

It’s been a cinematic achievement the likes we’ve never seen on TV. But when the source material ran dry their shortcuts to get to the end point have been obvious, trope-y, and flat out lazy at times. By comparison to the entire season this has earned its criticism more than it earned the payoffs which is something the show was known for among TV critics. When you spend years building characters and arcs to just yada yada the ending, it’s hard for it to be viewed in the same positive light.


It feels rushed. Dany’s heel turn felt like a Vinny Mac angle. One week of build, no real reason, no real payoff…
It is more of a spectacle than a good ending
We deserve a full season, not this rushed ending

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It is rushed but she has plenty of reason, they just shoved all (most) of the reasons at us in the last 4 episodes. She has given up everything for Westeros and the people don’t love her and are supporting her “enemies”.

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That Dany heel turn was up there with Mark Henry with his salmon jacket taking out John Cena.

andrew from chino cali,

my mind is blown. there is a lot of criticism for this season. Do you guys think it’s ruining the reputation of the show? Also, if jon would have gave dany some loving instead of acting like kissing his smoking hot aunt was gross would they have all survived? Love when you guys breakdown stuff other then wrestling you guys are the best.