upNXT Takeover: Phoenix Feedback Thread

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for NXT Takeover: Phoenix. We will be recording immediately after the show so get your feedback in quick! Ahoy!!!

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Your good man, The Windy City’s very own Jake here! Thanks for the birthday wish, Davie!

Tonight’s Takeover had its ups and downs. I thought the main event felt a little flat tonight, It’s hard to know why but I felt like it was easily forgettable.

The Ohno-Riddle finish was weird, it seemed like Ohno was tapping a lot and the ref kind of missed it because he was in the other side, did you guys noticed that?

Anyway, how can you not be impressed with the tag team match with Hanson being like muthafukin Waldo with that fast agility? I watched the match and it was just a lot of fun and I hope this tag feud continues into Mania weekend.

Johnny Gargano is so magnificent, he definitely teaches a master class in ring psychology and storytelling. Incredible athleticism and unwavering intensity…after an unbelievable match with Ricochet. As far as I’m concerned I’m done predicting who will fare well in the main roster. I just want the key guys in NXT to stay there, why bother? This wasn’t the my favorite Takeover but still overdelivered in many ways.

Who do you guys believe will be the NXT surprises for the Rumble? I feel like Aleister Black and Velveteen Dream will be the ones getting big reactions tomorrow.

Jalen from Pickering,

I think I know what was wrong with the main event. People didn’t wanna see Black win, and they never really gave him a chance where he seemed like he was going to win except for the black mass. Meanwhile when CIampa fought Dream, they gave him a bunch of near falls and he’s super loved by the fans.

Rest of the show was great though. I love how they’ve booked Riddle as a guy who can beat you in a multitude of ways. Belair looked like a badass in defeat. War Raiders had their best showing at the right time. And Ricochet is a freak of nature, I feel like him and Ospreay live to outflip each other. 8 stylish Velveteen Dream’s out of 10.

Brandon from Oshawa

Loved the show. Johnny Gargano is incredible. I don’t think he can have a bad match. Baszler & Belair are both incredibly overrated though. I felt like that was one of the most boring Takeover matches ever.

What do you guys think about a possible DIY vs War Raiders for all the gold on Wrestlemania weekend?

I know 100% both of you will disagree with me, but I really didn’t like this TakeOver as a whole and personally think it’s one of the weakest in recent memory

The Tag match was really good, but I just can’t get behind the War Raiders no matter what they do. I personally think another team should have won the titles and the WR got the hotshot to the main roster

Riddle / Ohno was hard-hitting and just okay to me though I really liked the finish

I have no complaints about Ricochet / Gargano, it what was a fantastic match all around. 5+ stars

The women’s match really struck a nerve with me because of how badass Shayna once was before Bert and Ernie joined her. Shayna relying on Jessamyn and Marina to help her win matches has brought Shayna down a solid 3 notches. It also struck a nerve bevause I’ve hated the way the women in NXT have been booked since Asuka dropped the title

The overall match for the NXT title was just meh to me. Good storytelling and a nice DIY reuinion at the end but really just a couple good spots in an overall meh show for me. Have a good weekend you two

Dave from Sydney

Holy smokes Batman what a card! Ohno and Riddle definitely had the slowest of the card and the women wasn’t at its best but the other 3 matches were perfect Takeover matches that will be remembered.
The tag match was so fast paced and continues to be the best tag divisions on any promotion. Whether it’s American Alpha, Revival, DIY, Undisuted, Moustache Mountain and War Raiders, there is never a disappointment in the NXT tag division. And my word can those Raiders move so smoothly in the ring for being a lot of ‘beef’
North America was an absolute clinic of a modern era wrestling match, big spots, good flips and Gargano coming out in what had to have been an X-Men Phoenix rising inspired was great.
Loved Black and Ciampa lots. The working of the knee/leg area was great and told a good story. Black was booked to look like an absolute superstar and it’s a shame he will be going to waste on the main roster very near in the future.
What does the future hold, hopefully Shayna drops that title before the next Takeover because she is doing nothing for the women’s division. No Adam Cole and no belts on Undisputed Era could see a call up come tomorrow. Maybe Ricochet and Black are doing the rumble tomorrow also.

Question, Is Velveteen going up in the rumble or is he dethroning Ciampa?

Also did you see Shaynas mates face mask? She must have got messed up in pre tapped match.

Harry from Houston,

I really liked this show personally. Yes it wasn’t New Orleans but every match was at least good if you ask me. Ricochet and Gargano was amazing and I think the main event suffered from trying to follow it with a slower match. I don’t get the hate on the women’s match, the crowd clearly got behind Belair and although the run in was admittedly groan worthy they had some stuff after that made up for it. The tag match was also amazing, I was positive raiders were winning and they still made me think that TUE had it won towards the end. 8/10 show, wish Ohno vs Riddle got more time but I guess they got cut for gargano and ricochet. I have no idea where the DIY story is going next but it’s been spectacular.

Matt from Tennessee

As usual another great show from NXT. Not the strongest Takeover but the tag match and Gargano/Ricochet match were amazing. Kassius/Riddle was okay and I was disappointed with Belair/Basler. Mostly cause I was rooting for Belair, she’s from Knoxville and that’s not far from where I live. Finally Ciampa/Black was good but no where near where the level their TV match was. Really interested in where Ciampa/Gargano goes now, loved how they were standing tall by each other but at the same time Gargano was looking at the NXT title

Side note: what was the point in showing Dream if he didn’t even do anything on the show?

Short and sweet this week: How happy were you for Kairi winning best female competitor and best overall competitor this year? Her speech was awesome for best overall competitor.

Stevie D from N…X…T, First time long time from my first NXT Takeover event here in Phoenix. Let me just say this crowd was insane. I have been to live events before but Davie was right nothing compares to a Takeover crowd.

Match one: was crazy hard hitting. War Raiders came out with their Viking war party and honestly no one in Phoenix knew what was going on for a second but when they finally realized it the pop was incredible. But let’s be honest Undisputed Era is the most over act on NXT the crowd was somewhat split but the reaction to Strong and O’Reily alone says it all. Great match and damn Strong and those backbreakers are intense but that superplex spot had the crowd going nuts. I think the right team went over tonight. Does this mean the Era is going up after the Rumble?

Match two: honestly fellas…there was a deal on margaritas tonight and this was my bathroom break. As was the case with a lot of guys so I missed the entrances and a good portion of this match. But people seem to be into Riddle (which they rightfully should be) and honestly got in for a few cool spots like the apron spot and the foot stomp hold and that damn toe bite (That got a “you sick fuck” chant from my section). The finish was creative too with the tap from elbows. Chris Hero…I mean Ohno really should be a producer in the back with all these ideas for spots. Riddle is going to be stud.

Match three:…Jesus Christ, what a match. The near falls, the slaps, the high flying. I don’t know how it came across at home but live that was one of the best matches I have seen in a long time. Is it time to officially say that the North American Championship is the workhorse championship of NXT? Those two performers had that match and had the crowd in the palm of their hands. Johnny finally won a big Takeover match but at what cost? I can’t wait to see how this story develops

Match four: Bianca is the real deal. I have doubted her for a long time but this feud has proven to me she is going to be a real player. Creative went to huge lengths to ensure she is a babyface and protect her. Between high-spots and interferences and her heart to not tap out. The crowd was behind the whole time. Mark my words at Takeover Brooklyn, Wrestlemania weekend Bianca will win the Women’s championship.

Match five: This match swung me later on. The crowd live was a little dead halfway through it. Not sure how it came across for you but by the end the crowd wanted Black to win. I am happy Ciampa won to further the story and to send Black to the rumble possibly? But holy shit that ending with DIY holding both belts. Not sure how much the live crowd saw of the after match brawl with Ricochet, Dream, Black, Gargano, Ciampa, and Cole? Definitely an amazing Takeover and so happy I made the trip down for it.

Overall an amazing experience and just thank you Davie and Brandon for getting me into NXT again after the Balor era and interacting with a wrestling mark on Twitter! Can’t wait for the Rumble tomorrow for my first WWE Pay-Per-View.

Does the sun rise. Does takeover kill it. Yes and yes. Great show. Great matches. War raiders were amazing. No cole. Undisputed era lost. Hope we see them tomorrow and on Monday or Tuesdays. How does richochet do this stuff each time out. Gargano is top 5 in the world. I have no clue What took vince so long to get these guys in. I hate hate hate DIY back. Hate it. Kill each other last year and back? No man. NOOOOOO

Charbel from Victoriaville

Seriously this show was amazing will not take too much of your time

I watched this with my sister and it’s beeen 3 years since I saw her , she told me last time she watch wrestling it was with the rock and stone cold , she dint even know who jonh cena was , after tonight she told me I dint remember wrestling was that good .

Nxt is that good !

I’m really speechless this was awesome , they should do a mega reset on both sd and raw , and bring up like 3/4 of the nxt roster to the main roster and bring back 3/4 of the main roster down to nxt, people like my wife and sister are getting into wrestling because of nxt. I know it will never happen but the main roster needs it .

Thank you guys and if you come to the province of Quebec I’m offering you that platers of sushi you saw on Twitter . 100bucks free for you two .

Takeover always delivers
NXT always delivers
I love wrestling
I love NXT
I love DIY
Wrestling is cool.

Mj - see you boys in NYC!

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James from Toronto Via Phoenix

Was at the show live tonight, don’t know if this was shown at the end of the show but Velveteen came out to confront DIY on the stage then Ricochet, Adam Cole and then Black got up arguing happened and fight broke out HHH broke up the fight and Ricochet, Velveteen, and black did a curtain call.

Seem like those three might be in the Rumble tomorrow

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None of the fight was on the Network feed. It ended with Ciampa and Gargano holding up their titles. I was waiting for Dream and Cole to make an appearance all night. It was really odd that Cole didn’t come out with Undisputed Era and that Dream was at ringside and didn’t do anything. At least now I know why.

I’m sure they will use the footage on the next NXT but I would have loved to have seen it tonight like Ciampa turning on Gargano after the show ended.