upNXT's NXT 2.0 Year in Review w/ Denise Salcedo & Jason Solomon


Braden Herrington and Davie Portman are joined by Denise Salcedo and Jason Solomon to discuss the one year anniversary of NXT 2.0!

The BDE, Denise & Jason have a roundtable chat about all the changes WWE NXT went through in the last year and give their thoughts on the new crop of talent, best/worst new gimmicks, the highs, the lows and everything in between… Plus, is the Black & Gold brand back???

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Braden (or Davie? I listened to this a few days ago so forget who said it) predicting Survivor Series picking up the War Games match and Solomonster calling for Fight Pit to return. What are this week’s lottery numbers please?

I second this question as well. Christmas is coming up and I need to “live to the max!” XD