Viceland “The Wrestlers”

I know there are a bunch of Canadians in this forum so figured I’d ask is there a way to watch this show outside of Vice? Vice in the US doesn’t show it and I can’t find it anywhere. Maybe someone knows of a site that google somehow doesn’t find. I’ve spent like an hour. This show looks great from Damian Abraham


I dont even know if its supposed to be airing in Canada yet. I feel like its some top secret show and someone at Vice is just randomly airing them. Its hard to get any info at all on the show online.

I’ve seen a bunch of episodes though and its fantastic. One of the best wrestling shows I’ve ever watched.

I really want to watch this series, I love the concept and I know that Damian would have created something incredible. I loved his TOD documentary. I have no clue how I would watch it in the UK.

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There’s like no description on the guide for these episodes so I agree. I taped a half dozen episodes. Have no idea what’s on them but gonna watch them later.

I’m watching the evolve episode right now

Guys this is Wrestking with Shadows stuff. It’s masterful.

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I recommend the DDT, Stardom, Death match & Lucha episodes especially, but they are all great.

Which is the best? I’m halfway through the lucha 0ne. I loved that it got political.

DDT & Stardom were both really up there for me. Being as into New Japan as I’ve gotten over the past couple years, it was nice to see some more of some other japanese promotions.

How can I find it in the US?

you’d love to get this here in Sweden… Heard about it on the pod, but dunno what vice is, is it a TV-channel in US?

Vice is numerous things, a channel is one of them. They usually end up putting everything online so hopefully they’ll put The Wrestlers up at some point.

In the meantime, here is Damian getting chopped by Riddle in a quick clip.

If you want to watch the series in Canada, you have one week left since Viceland won’t exist after March 30th.

Kinda of sad for Damian who I thought did a good job in this series and doesn’t have a place for the show to air anymore after this week.

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Vice is on a ton of different platforms. If it’s not on the Vineland television station, it’ll be online at some point.

There is an episode about Chinese wrestling on YT, for now at least.

Just caught an episode of The Wrestlers on Vice in Canada. Damian Abraham talked about this earlier in the year. He produces aND hosts it. Very professional. Good job!!!

I really liked Damian’s Tournament of Death documentary and whenever he pops up it shines through how much he loves wrestling so I’m sure he’s done a great job with this.

I posted this elsewhere but not sure if anyone will see that:

Snow day. Just watched the exoticos abd tge stardom episode. So awesome! I hope this gets a larger platform. People need to see this!

I watched the Congo episode last night on my pvr.

Any new news about this show? Any plans to air in the US? Any possibility for new episodes?

DAMIEN ABRAHAM is sooo good on this show!

Is it avail online? This is the stuff WWE should but and throw in the network and credit Vice

Just a heads up, this is on Crave in Canada now