VIDEO: Karen Peterson speaks with Giulia about MARIGOLD

Originally published at VIDEO: Karen Peterson speaks with Giulia about MARIGOLD

Earlier this week, I sat down with Giulia. On March 31st, her contract with STARDOM concluded, and she showed up at Pro-Wrestling NOAH’s Monday Magic at Shinjuku FACE. Over the last month, alongside Rossy Ogawa, Utami Hayashishita, MIRAI, Mai Sakurai, Nanae Takahashi, and Nao Ishikawa, Dream Star Fighting MARIGOLD has been launched. The company’s numbers doubled with the arrival of Fuka and six former members of Actwres GirlZ, with the latter formally being added to the company’s roster on April 30th.

The video interview is divided into three segments:

  • Giulia, The Wrestler
  • STARDOM Era Giulia
  • MARIGOLD & Giulia’s Future

We discuss a range of topics in Japanese, but you can find a link to the full English transcript by clicking here. We cover her upcoming appearances at NOAH’s WRESTLE MAGIC (tomorrow, May 4th) and MARIGOLD Fields Forever, the company’s inaugural show at Korakuen Hall on May 20th as well as her connections to her opponents, what she hopes to achieve in MARIGOLD and what else the future holds for her.