Viking Raider Erik is injured, Morgan vs. Rousey gets a stipulation, and other SmackDown news

Originally published at Viking Raider Erik is injured, Morgan vs. Rousey gets a stipulation, and other SmackDown new

Erik of the Viking Raiders is dealing with a foot injury, it was revealed on Friday’s episode of SmackDown.

During the show, Michael Cole mentioned that Erik (Raymond Rowe) sustained the injury in the Viking Rules match with the New Day that took place in Detroit, Michigan on Friday, September 2nd.

The 38-year-old and his tag partner Ivar (Todd Smith) were brought back to SmackDown in the early summer after several months off television, rebranded as “The New, Vicious Viking Raiders”.

The team had been in a feud with The New Day since June. No further details were given about the extent of the injury, bar Cole mentioning that Erik would be sidelined “for an indefinite period of time.”

** Liv Morgan and Ronda Rousey are to face each other in an Extreme Rules match at the premium live event of the same name on Saturday, October 8th.

During a backstage interview segment with Rousey and Kayla Braxton, Morgan interrupted, leading to a confrontation between the two.

Rousey told Morgan that she is the only person she has ever met who says so much without meaning anything. Liv Morgan responded that she is the only human to defeat Rousey twice.

Morgan added that nothing she could say would earn Rousey’s respect, so she intends to earn it and proposed the Extreme Rules Match. Rousey stood up and left, saying, “It’s your funeral”.

The SmackDown Women’s Championship match is, so far, the only confirmed match for the Extreme Rules PLE.

#SmackDown Women's Champion @YaOnlyLivvOnce has laid down the challenge to @RondaRousey for an Extreme Rules Match at #ExtremeRules!

— WWE (@WWE) September 17, 2022

** It was announced during SmackDown that the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns will appear on next week’s edition of the show.

** A title match will take place next week between Ridge Holland & Butch of the Brawling Brutes, and the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions, The Usos. This came after Holland & Butch won a four-way contenders’ tag match, also involving The New Day, Hit Row, and Imperium.

** Braun Strowman will have his first match since his return to WWE next Friday against Otis, it was also announced.