Viktor states that he & Kon attempted to get into NWA a few years ago: "That fell short"

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Viktor heaped praise onto the National Wrestling Alliance and their product. 

From 2013-2019, The Ascension (Viktor & Kon) were a duo in WWE. Both talents were released from their respective contracts in 2019

Present day, Viktor and Kon’s NXT Tag Team Championship reign remains the longest reign in those titles’ history at 364 days. Post-WWE, they worked some independent dates and currently, Kon is signed to IMPACT Wrestling and Vik is a working with talents at a wrestling school. 

While chatting with PWMania, Viktor revealed that there was a point when he and Kon were trying to get into the NWA but things fell short. 

If I was to do anything nowadays in wrestling, I would see it more in line of the NWA. That’s the only product I really enjoy watching… I started watching NWA and its resurgence. I’m like, this has a very nostalgic, very awesome, nostalgic, old school feel to it but still has a good hard-hitting product. It’s not overly show-y, I wanna say, you know what I mean? It has almost that ROH vibe without the same type of crowd or maybe some of the similar wrestling styles as ROH because there’s a lot of cool veterans and younger talent coming up and so I think it’s a really good mix and I attended their shows a couple months ago and I was really impressed with the locker room as well. It was just a really good environment… But me and Konnor tried to get in there a few years ago and that fell short as well so, as much as I’d like to, I don’t know if it’ll happen or not.

On, Viktor is credited as being the masked man known as ‘Zyon’ in NWA. He took on Cyon at Crockett Cup night two. 

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