Vince McMahon accused of Sex Trafficking / Resignation 🧵

They ultimately ended up settling, right? I feel that’s how the majority of civil cases like this go, ultimately a civil trial is about money, not justice.

Yep, settled today for $335 million.

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Yeah, time to get rid of Gulak. No big loss

I guess being a freak runs in the Gulak family.

I wonder what other incidents happened? She can’t be the only person stuff happened to.

There have been tons of stories for the last two decades about stuff that’s gone down in developmental and training. This is and has been a widely accepted company culture.

And those who people don’t want named and blamed, have absolutely been aware and part of the problem.

This isn’t isolated at all.

I’m really trying not to even engage in the same conversations over and over again, but I feel this line is clearly aimed directly at me.

I don’t think anyone here is denying that there was openly a negative culture in WWE that for lack of a better term was very juvenile. If a guy like Drew Gulak has no issue tugging at a women’s draw string, of course there was an issue, especially if it was done right in front of Bruce Pritchard who was in a major position of power and essentially Vince’s right hand (according to Ronda). Where I have an issue as I have previously stated is you or others definitively saying someone like Hunter or whoever else you decide to blame that day being complicit in rape without proof. I’m sorry, reddit threads from 4 years ago are not proof to me, and if even they are true, there is a big difference between knowing about bullying in FCW/training vs knowing and participating in sex trafficking.

I have also said many many times that I am not even saying Hunter didn’t know, I am saying we on the internet shouldn’t be convicting people based on opinion. It wasn’t too long ago that you were saying Hunter was obviously either “corporate officer 1 or 2” from the lawsuit, I think your exact words were “its not hard to figure it out” implying it was Hunter or something like that (sorry I can’t find the quote because there are 366 comments in this thread), and that was proven to be wrong when the names came out. It truly baffles my mind that its controversial to want someone involved (not Trevor Dame or whichever writer you decide to retweet) to at least point the finger at Hunter before we say he is guilty.

Feel free to respond or ignore, I already know what you are going to say if you choose to respond as we have had this conversation about 20 times in this thread.

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I’m not aiming it at anybody.

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Not only good Ronda beat up Drew G but I’m sure if that failed Travis Browne would murder him. Not sure what he was thinking other than trying to pop the boys on some stupid dare I bet.


Wow Gulak is a fucking moron

Bringing back kittens. He’s mellowed

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Yes, most importantly…

I have a friend whose parent has done some bad things in their life. This friend strongly resents their patent and doesn’t really have a strong relationship with them, but there still is a relationship there as they speak on the phone from time to time, and I believe that is ok.

Many wrestlers have started over the years that they were close to Vince and viewed him as a father figure. Now I understand that this isn’t the exact same thing, but I do look at it in the same light.

If Vince and The rock/Cena were out partying and one of them were pointing at Vince and calling him “the man” all the outrage would be warranted. But for someone who has had a relationship with Vince for 20+ years to have been “in contact” I have a hard time having an issue with it. If someone in my life was accused of something like this (which thank god would never happen), I would want to call them up and hear their side of the story. I’m sure some will be mad at me saying this, but I don’t see this as some type of immoral act, this even being talked about feels more like trying to take down anyone affiliated with WWE.