Vince McMahon and Dana White part of call with President Trump

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On Saturday, U.S. President Donald Trump will be holding a conference call with the leaders of the major sports leagues including WWE and UFC.

The call is scheduled for Noon Eastern and will include WWE chairman Vince McMahon and UFC president Dana White, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Others on the call will be Adam Silver of the NBA, Cathy Engelbert of the WNBA, Rob Manfred of Major League Baseball, Roger Goodell of the NFL, Gary Bettman from the NHL, Jay Monahan of the PGA, Don Garber of MLS, and a representative from NASCAR.

Odds on UFC 249 officially being cancelled due to advice from the President of the USA


I’d like to think that a meeting with the president would talk some sense into Dana White, but when it’s Trump I really can’t see it.

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That’s Dana White’s wet dream:

“I would love to still hold this card, but on the sage advice from our nation’s great leader…”

I can see this too. Saves face for Dana if its ‘advice from the President’

Maybe we’ll see UFC 249 live from the White House.


Can actually see Trump wanting to understand what can be done to get sports going safely with no crowds and telling the other leagues to do what UFC and WWE are doing

When you are hoping that the NFL can talk some sense into the president, you realize how fucked up the situation really is.

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Vince is creaming himself for being included in that list.


Tony Khan wasn’t included.

Just put a cage in the oval office

Look who’s back!!

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Was that a nostalgia pop?! Now if feels like WrestleMania day.

Welcome back @Deezy, hope you and yours are safe and doing well.


Thank you…luckily enough, I was practicing social distancing before it was named that.


So was I. I called it “stay the fuck away from me.”

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Apparently nothing was accomplished from this call.

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You though there would be?

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Not at all. Based on what I read, it felt like an excuse for the POTUS to hear other rich people thank him.

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