Vince McMahon is backstage at Raw, per multiple reports

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Vince McMahon is in Boston at the site of tonight’s episode of Raw, according to several reports.

The Executive Chairman of WWE has not attended WWE television tapings since he announced his resignation in July 2022.

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp and both Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter have reported that he is at the TD Garden in Boston.

Sapp stated that he had spoken to talent who had seen him on site.

Vince is at Raw tonight in Boston.

— Dave Meltzer (@davemeltzerWON) March 6, 2023

I've spoken to talent that claim they've seen Vince McMahon at the site of tonight's WWE Raw.

I've reached out to WWE in an official capacity.

— Sean Ross Sapp of (@SeanRossSapp) March 6, 2023

Vince is at RAW

— Bryan Alvarez (@bryanalvarez) March 6, 2023

Further details are not yet known. Tonight’s episode features the return of John Cena, as well as an appearance by Logan Paul, and it has been billed as an important staging post in the run-up to WrestleMania.

McMahon, 77, stepped down from an active role in WWE last summer amid multiple allegations of serious sexual misconduct and a company investigation into payments made to alleged victims.

He returned to the WWE Board of Directors in January after an exchange of letters in December 2022.

McMahon wrote a letter to the Board on December 20th, 2022, stating that it was “critical” that he rejoin the Board as Executive Chairman to explore “strategic alternatives” and pursue media rights negotiations.

The Board initially rebuffed this unanimously in a reply on December 27th. However, McMahon, who controls around 80% of WWE voting stock, then wrote again, stating, in part:

I would like to be clear that unless I have direct involvement and input as Executive Chairman from the outset, I will not be able to support or approve any media rights deals or strategic transaction (including any commitments made by or on behalf of the Company regarding a potential transaction or process).

The Board then unanimously reversed its position, appointing McMahon Executive Chairman, as well as former WWE Presidents Michelle Wilson and George Barrios. They took up their current posts on January 6th.

Stephanie McMahon resigned as co-CEO less than a week later on January 10th.

That didn’t take long…


Hopefully it’s just in a business capacity……ie. showing around a perspective buyer or something along those lines. FML if he gets involved in creative.

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“Goddamn it, where is Bearcat?”


New look Vince ready to put his fingerprints all over Mania!

Oh I got to see that! Ewwww!

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I would love someone like FTR to say they were going to return but now wont with Vince. This man has become his ‘NWO cancer’ character and just needs to go away. I’d love him to get his comeuppance and just go away

Seems like the right thread to drop this again

The helmet blocks the mustache but it’s been added.


I am not hopeful and nothing would surprise me, but let’s not lose the sight of the fact that – at present time – this news boils down to “chairman attends event run by his company… also, mustache.” And tbh, there’s only one part of that sentence that’s interesting to me.


“He was in Gorilla all night, so I mean, what does that tell you? He wasn’t barking orders at people or anything like that but he was in Gorilla all night and I was told that they tell you that he’s only there to visit John Cena, that’s the story, but theres more to it than that”

– Dave Meltzer>

“He’s doing more than they’re letting on, but the person who was in control was Levesque last night, it’s not like he was there and in charge and doing stuff, but its not like he was just visiting John Cena and saying hi to a few people and then left, that didn’t happen either, so the truth is a little bit in the middle most likely.

– Dave Meltzer

…Sadly no pictures of the mustache.

Shorty and ugly Gable was a dead giveaway


According to PWInsider’s Mike Johnson:

Brock vs Omos, calling Gable short and ugly, the entire Lashley vs Wyatt shit show, Asuka drooling blue mist for weeks as a “build-up”, Cena completely burying Theory - all smells like Vince to me.


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Screw Cody vs Roman……the true mania main event is the Vince moustache reveal!

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Not sure if this is real or not:

Unfortunately not.

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At least it gives us a little preview :joy:

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A person is going to behave different, even if it’s subconsciously, when their old boss is standing over their shoulder.

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