Vince McMahon to appear on Raw this Monday in Sacramento

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The WWE has announced that Vince McMahon will be appearing on Raw this Monday from Sacramento, California.

The return of McMahon to television follows the two least-watched episodes of Raw this year. The December 3rd episode averaged 2,286,000 and this past Monday’s fell to 2,190,000.

The advertisement of McMahon’s appearance states that he will be on the show to “shake things up” and suggests some major storyline changes. This past Monday’s Raw featured an opening segment involving Seth Rollins and Baron Corbin with Rollins scripted to state how badly “Raw sucks” using Corbin as the excuse for the show’s quality and listing off the problems.

Monday’s show will be coming off Sunday’s TLC event in San Jose, California.

So can we agree that Corbin isn’t becoming the full time GM and he’S either losing on sunday or getting fired on monday.

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And watch as the people who say they hate Raw, act like marks and bow down to Vince McMahon.


I was going to write the same thing. It funny how a marks mind works. They complain about Vince losing touch and he’s the reason raw sucks yet everytime he showed up, he the most popular guy on the show.


When he’s on the show I think most people see him as a performer and not the booker. And as a performer even though he’s 73 yrs old he’s still one of the most charismatic men to ever step in the ring. Like a less drunk Ric Flair.


McMahon is a piece of shit for working with Saudi Arabia and silently consenting of murder and he’s an out of touch old man who can’t book and was overrated, killed the territories boooooo…oh he’s on TV?..YAAAAAY

This is good news. I remember how the Ruthless Aggression promo gave us John Cena.



To be fair, the people who really hate raw aren’t going to be there.

Assuming this gives away the fact Corbin isn’t winning and they’re announcing a new GM. Or I guess he could win and they just ignore it the next day. Jeff Jarrett as the new GM?

Or maybe he randomly announces a draft to fuck SmackDown.