Vince McMahon to make "major sports announcement" on behalf of Alpha Entertainment

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Vince McMahon will be holding a press conference later today on behalf of his new Alpha Entertainment venture.

The release states that there will be a “major sports announcement” with the press conference streaming on Alpha Entertainment’s digital outlets on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and on the company’s website at

It was reporter Brad Shepard who first broke the news in December that a return of the XFL was expected and further added that a press conference was scheduled on today’s date.

The WWE did issue a statement in December confirming that McMahon had launched Alpha Entertainment, which was separate from his duties at the WWE. The speculation was fuelled further after McMahon sold 3,340,000 shares of his class A common stock to raise just under $100 million as startup capital for the group.

Chris Harrington of the Wrestlenomics podcast reported last month that Alpha Entertainment filed for a trademark on “URFL” and they also filed for several XFL related trademarks. Harrington added that the WWE was on their fifth and final extension of the XFL trademark and that extension was set to expire this month.

The belief is that today’s announcement will confirm that Alpha Entertainment will be launching their own football league. Mike Johnson at reported on Wednesday that the WWE’s production team has been working on promotional videos for the XFL and that Johnson’s sources indicated a relaunch of the league is expected for 2020.

We will be covering today’s press conference and will have a breaking news audio show posted Friday evening with coverage of the announcement and our analysis.

I’m for anything that might let Hunter take over more control of the WWE.

I have no idea why Vince thinks he can take on or even succeed beside the NFL. I’m not a football fan or a billionaire so what do I know.


The theory that I believe the most is that Vince sees the XFL as his one failure in life and his ego just won’t let that be. He is 72 now so maybe he wants to take one more stab at it.

Although, this is Vince McMahon we’re talking about, so who really knows.

So @AlphaEntLLC just trialled a live-stream ahead of their press conference at 3PM E.T.

This was the final shot.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s happening.

— The Tag Rope (@tagropemag) January 25, 2018
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Did the similarity between the Alpha and Post Wrestling logos jump out to anyone else?

Main thing I’m interested in is who are his partners and who is going to air this.

This is insane. Absolutely insane. He is flushing $100M dollars down the drain. It didn’t work the first time and won’t work again just because the NFL is having some PR issues.

I thought for sure the Alpha group was just going to be investigating a shot at a minority ownership of an NFL franchise. I thought that Vince was smart enough to not compete against the biggest legally sanctioned monopoly in America (again!). I guess I was wrong.

TV networks are hungry for content, sports are the only thing people watch live…and they’re paying out the ass for sports.

Let’s not just dismiss their chances with today’s tv landscape.

I would assume ESPN due to the working relationship they have with the WWE for the past two, three years now?

Another question is wheat channel will this air in Canada?

Just watched the presser. Actually seems like Vince is trying this time, not just throwing out whatever he thinks would be cool. Not that I have high hopes for this based on last time, but it does show a little growth in his thought process this time around.

It looks better then what they presented back in 99.

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That National Anthem thing is going to come back and bite Vince in the ass really badly, that’s going to be a PR nightmare of epic proportions.

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Yeah, but at the same time that’s a tough item for XFL. They needs to try to get the “boycott NFL” people into his product, but not sound like a tyrants. I assume he’s hoping by the time 2020 rolls around the whole thing is a forgotten issue.

He did mention politics on social media, so I wonder if players would be allowed to put messages on their gear, tape, or have those custom names on their Jerseys, protesting something.

Press conference aired live on Sportsnet 360…didn’t anywhere else…makes one go :thinking:

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I took his comments to mean the opposite. There will be no protesting. No political commentary. That this is Trumps Football League and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Trump family aren’t investors or team owners.

After all, Donald is going to need something else to do in 2020 (hopefully).

Maybe i’m not cynical enough, but I took it to be more like how WWE is now. Just kinda staying away from all politics in the body of the programing. I’m sure players will still have their own opinions, but the product itself will stay away.

Any sport that is “only about the sport” never work. You need intrigue, controversy and star power.

Relying on “good people” is almost laughable when our current landscape worship shit head celebrities always in trouble.

This is going to be a tough battle for vince to win in my opinion. Nothing against him but Football isn’t like Wrestling and the NFL is the WWE of Football. I like the concept of trying to simplify the game for peoples that don’T watch football and have it be more family friendly but how many fans can he get with that concept.

I don’t watch Football mostly because i just don’t care about the game at all, so somebody like me, i’m not going to watch more because the games are shorter and the rules are simpler. So you have to found a way to get the football fans that want to watch even more football that they already do with all the NFL games that’s playing on tv and on streaming services and that will be really though to convince them to watch more football.

Finally, i know that Vince want to continue to be hands on with WWE while he’S doing this whole XFL thing but how will he be able to do both without hurting the Current WWE. The last time he tried that, the WWE product suffered as a result of him wanting to do both.

So in the end, i hope that he ready to go to war with the NFL and got a great gameplan to compete with them because he will need it.

XFL should have one team of convicts who are playing the entire season for freedom…thats how you beat the NFL.

None of this traditional values, good people horseshit.

Also…most sports talking head shows are already claiming the XFL will be sleazy…Talk about being stuck in the past and not even doing research.