Vix Crow (Alicia Fox) explains why she felt relieved following WWE exit

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She dove into why she felt that way.

For 17 consecutive years, Vix Crow a.k.a. Alicia Fox was contracted to WWE. Her time with the company came to an end when her contract expired in April 2023

Months removed from her departure, she further dove her feelings about it. She explained to MuscleManMalcolm why she felt relieved after leaving WWE. She added that she’s still processing that she was there for 17 years. 

I was like, okay (when I received word that my time with WWE was ending). I think I honestly… I was relieved, and still relieving completely. I think the difference between myself and like, another person is a chunk of 17 consecutive years. It has nothing to do with the particular company… I’m still processing a consecutive 17 years. But, the other afterburn that happens like, man, well at 17, what else would you think this was? What else did you think? These are really your family members, these are people you’re going to grow with and you never, still, any time in your career know if you’re gonna get the boot, whatever. So then I think that’s the relief that’s lifted is that burden of my body not being perfect is constantly still evaporating. Every day, I feel lighter and lighter in my heart, in my soul. Every day, I wake up and I can’t wait to lift myself up to bring myself back down to paradise. I swear to God. It’s bizarre. It’s bizarre only because in that lifestyle, if you’re conditioned to just go, be perfect, be the champion, I don’t know and this ain’t anybody else’s words but mine, but if that was my driving desire, that got to a point where I didn’t find my life interesting. It was bleak. So it’s like, don’t take this stuff home but, our life is so entangled with the way we just get ready for our everyday that if I’m not leaving for the airport, I’m leaving to go to Publix… I had to develop a way to come out of the character and I’m saying so far out there. But how do you escape crazy?

Crow made an appearance at Reality of Wrestling’s Summer of Champions event on 7/15 and confronted Diamonds Division Champion Promise Braxton. 

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So I know her real name is Victoria, but “Vix Crow” sounds like some sort of pharmaceutical cream.

Not counting Cena and other part-timers, who are the current deans of the WWE roster with Foxy gone? I came up with Orton, Ziggler and Miz. They must have the longest consecutive full-time tenures (injuries not withstanding) in the company.

For the women I imagine it’s Nat and Tamina.