Voting Intentions of Wrestling Fans

This may be controversial and if it gets out of hand please feel free to remove this thread. But we’re all adults and I hope we can have a civilized conversation

The UK has an election in December and I’m keen to know fellow brits voting intentions? Just out of general interest. I have no vested interest.

Also with the USA election in 2020 how do people intend to vote?

James from Liverpool - I’ll get us started:
I will most likely be voting for the Green Party in the upcoming election.

I’m a wool (wirral) and I generally vote Labour. I imagine I will again though sadly I feel the Corbyn leadership rubs too many people the wrong way.

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I’ll be voting Scottish national party. I didn’t vote for independence as we were told the only way to stay in the EU was to be part of the United Kingdom, but now independence seems the only way out of this mess.

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Ah not far from me!

Yeah I’ve always been Labour and would love to support them but sadly think they’ve lost their way. It’s a real shame no one new has stepped up during these ridiculous recent time’s - a new political party. Think someone trustworthy and progressive could sweep a GE in the UK right now

If I was north of the border I’d do the same!

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Yeah you guys still have the pull cord to escape and stay in the EU. Hope you all take it, friends in Scotland seem to indicate that they all would vote for independence this time. Should have guessed you were in Scotland from the avatar!


In my circle of friends and family, most intend to vote for the SNP. Anyone here who’s voting Tory, is doing so for very strange reasons.

I don’t foresee Scotland getting another referendum any time soon though.

It’ll be a con/brex coalition in my opinion, the majority of the UK will vote for remain/peoples vote parties, but they will be split amongst them, so in the first past the post system the conservatives and the brexit party have an advantage.

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I am from a working class family and my parents raised me to always vote labour.

I cannot think of anything worse than Jeremy Corbyn in power and I think Boris is doing as much as he can against a Parliament that will do absolutely anything to block him.

Give Boris a go. I’m voting tory

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What is it you really don’t like about him?

I don’t think he’s a great leader but I think his policies are positive if at times possibly a little unrealistic.

I am surprised anyone wants to give the Tories another go after 10 years of dragging their feet over everything, but fair play to your choice.

Ok so I’ll go back to the original post and ask people to refrain from giving me abuse - this is merely my opinion.

I think hes going on and on about how anyone with wealth should carry the poor. He seems to give the impression that the whole world can be a benefit sponge because successful people foot the bill. Hes gone too far into carrying the working class. As I say - I’m working class. But I’ve never claimed a benefit and I got to where I am through hard work. If I get vastly wealthy - why am I paying for the Jeremy Kyle watchers.

And as for the Conservatives - I dont think we can judge their performance. They’ve been in a position where anything they want to do gets blocked by Labour or SNP just because they want to do it

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I’m from Canada and usually vote conservative

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I didn’t mean any offense, I respect your views and opinion completely.

Sadly I think that may be the future of politics, negotiation and compromise. Loads of Europe exists with coalitions and pacts and the UK isn’t use to it. I don’t think JC would be able to push thorugh half his agenda, neither will Tories be able to push through a no-deal brexit or other deal. Majorities seem a thing of the past…but we’ll see!

I think its great from 4 posts we have 4 different point of views!

Canada’s small majority looks similar to how the UK is these days…only replace Liberals with Conservative and swap conservative with Labour!

You didnt offend me - I was concerned someone react to my views on Labour. All been very civilised though

…for now, ha ha! It’ll probably eventually spiral into mayhem as it concerns politics. Hopefully not though.

Until the last general election in 2017, the conservatives had a majority government and as long as their mps voted with the whip labour and the snp would be unable to block anything, and since then the dup pretty much Votes with the tories in every non brexit related issue.

Johnson is not fit to be a Prime minister in my opinion and the amount of scandals that have come up since his appointment is very worrying. It’s clear that it’s important to have people closer to the right and left like Johnson and Corbyn within politics, but I think the leaders of the parties should be closer to the centre, otherwise it’s just constant bickering and disagreements.

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Got a photo of me and Boris from a few years back, got to pick the bumbling fool.


I would agree with the bottom segment of your point. They have gone too far right and left.

I dont agree with your views on Boris though. He was given one job - and give him credit - he got bloody close to achieving it. But everything he did - there was a barrier in Parliament.

I do see this election delivering absolutely nothing though. SNP will probably do well (I would vote with them if I was Scottish. I’m actually Welsh and Plaid Cymru are a joke in comparison). Jo Swinson will get a few idiots voting for her. And neither Labour or Conservative will get a majority

In America

hopefully Biden to beat Trump

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