Wade Keller's Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter

Anybody here a subscriber to The Torch? I’m already an Observer reader and would like to try out other newsletters, any recommendations on the Torch? Do they have good archives?


Not exactly what you asked as I haven’t read their newsletters but have listened to a few of their radio shows in the past.

While they are informative I find it to be too much commentary on the host’s thoughts of the shows vs actual news and recapping - which is what I am more interested in. It also seems like it takes Wade Keller forever to get to a point - haha.

It all comes down to preference I guess - I just didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoy Post and the F4W shows.

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Funny I have always wanted John and Wai to do some kind of collab with Wade Keller…not sure why other than so many other guys appear on each others’ shows and it might be fun.

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