Wandavision Feedback Thread (May Contain Spoilers)

Rob from Mississauga

My favorite episode so far. My wife gave birth to our beautiful son Jamie Luca on January 7th, 2021. Selfishly, I loved seeing the last 9 months of my very own life play out in about 20 minutes as Wanda goes through everything my wife went through from nesting, to Braxton Hicks and comparing the fetus to fruit (this is still done btw). I couldn’t relate more to Vision as the anxious first time dad.

@WH_PARK remarked last week about how even though Elizabeth Olsen is really good, Paul Bettany steals every scene he is in. For a guy known for dramatic roles he has superb comedic timing.

I was getting a serious Truman Show sense from episodes 1 and 2 but so glad they doubled the types of "framed " references in episode 2 and appear to have tripled them here from Vision getting weird vibes from Herb, then again a strange neighbor scene after the birth and the climax of "Geraldine " mentioning Ultron and what happens to her was outstanding.

Below is a link from comicbook.com that breaks down the 3 commercials so far and suggests Marvel may be retconning parts of age of Ultron now that Marvel has the xmen IP, and may reveal wanda and Pietro to be mutants after all. Interesting stuff.

Thanks again @wai0937 for your 100th regular show here on the patreon and would love to hear @WH_PARK talk comics in future podcasts on the site. Would love to hear about sandwich ratings of comics he’s read or is currently reading.

All the best to my fellow Greater Torontonians and stay safe!

Magan from Ottawa, Ontario

I came away from “Now In Color” feeling that the ball started rolling. There’s a much better balance between mystery and comedy. The presentation, this time around is akin to a Brady Bunch episode. Paul Bettany has some surprisingly good comedic timing.
Wanda and Vision becoming parents to two twin boys could have major implications for the MCU going forward (Could they be Wiccan and Speed?) and the third act was terrific where the lines between both worlds start to merge. I got a kick out of the visual gags, too.

Overall, it’s a much better outing.

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Brandon from Oshawa

I was disappointed to hear you guys say on last weeks show, that WandaVision would continue like this and this episode did no favors in my eyes. I’m not one of the fans who has seen the other MCU stuff and just doesnt like this because it is so different. For me, it just isnt hitting the mark. I dont find the jokes funny. I can be fully accepting of this style of show, if it is entertaining me and this show is not doing that, outside of the parts where they start to realize there is more going on.

I loved the final few minutes, just like I loved the parts in episode 1 and 2 that broke away from the TV show style. I am still definitely intrigued at what is going on and I will be watching the entire series, but I dont know that I would be sticking to this, if it was not part of the MCU.

Oh yes definitely, the difference is Wanda wants to be in the Truman show.

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Any guesses on what the sitcom motif analogue for episode #4 will be?

IMO, it should be “The Cosby Show”…But there’s a perfectly valid reason why it won’t be.

So my predictions are either “Family Ties” (which would give us the great visual of a portrait of Wanda & Vision being painted, or they go crazy & do an homage to “Dallas”.


These are exactly the two I think of when I think 80s sitcoms.

Facts of Life has the best theme song though, wonder if they will include that too.

The 80s seems tough because unlike older eras few of the sitcoms centered on a couple most were about family groups. So it will be interesting.

If they do a Full House setting in the next episodes, I will lose my mind.

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Jon from Detroit

Just finished episode 4 and it’s by far my favorite, all the tie ins starting to happen and an extremely quick watch. Episode was longer than the previous 3 but flew by. Can’t believe we have to wait another week for another episode. Was it just me or did Vision in the final scene seem to realize what was going on and not just a pawn in the sitcom world?

Thanks for the amazing reviews!!!

Completely different vibe, that episode is the glue we needed to explain everything. I loved the atmosphere of that episode.

Magan from Ottawa, Ontario

“We Interrupt this Program” was a home run as it recaps the story through Monica’s standpoint (a la Runaways season 1). It was great to see some familiar faces in Agent Woo and Darcy (Kat Dennings was in rare form) and I’m left with more questions as to whether someone’s pulling the strings in Westview or Wanda’s using it as an escape from her grief. I gasped when I saw Vision’s destroyed face.

This felt like the end of the first act and this show truly began to take off.

Brandon from Oshawa

This was fucking excellent and everything I was hoping the show would be. I think it is at this point, that I can go back and while it still won’t hit comedy wise to me, it will be more enjoyable to watch, knowing more and it should become even more enjoyable as the show moves on.

NWO Wanda to close the episode was a nice touch for us wrestling fans.

Jake from The Windy City

Here’s something that caught my mind. After watching Episode 4, it kind of dawned on me that this handled the Blip better than Spider-Man: Far From Home. They all go back to normal life like it was just a minor setback. I liked that movie, but the fact that they played the Blip for laughs was a real let down. This episode on the other hand, showed just how chaotic the world was, how it was turned on its head in just one second! It’s pretty much what I wanted to see, this event from a human point of view - the drama, urgency, etc.

Can’t wait for next week, indeed! Excelsior!

Excellent episode. I can’t believe they pulled the curtain back on the “framed” narrative in episode 4. All wide screen, all post endgame. I loved the hospital scene with Monica.

Why I love the MCU over the DCEU is comedy and continuity. Everything in the MCU fits tightly together and I am glad now (finally) the tv shows are getting the feige continuity treatment. Kat Dennings and Randall Park worked really well together and the chip gag got a laugh from my wife and I.

So no 80s sitcom however the constant references to “Captain Rambeau” alluded to first blood and the Rambo movies of the 1980s. I hope the next episode we have an actual 80s montage with Family Ties or Growing Pains references.

The whiteboard we froze and read. I hope you cover them all. I know skrulls were referenced, a shout out to captain marvel. Hexagons because of Wanda’s hex powers but also the aesthetics of hexagons and the final scene reminded me of tom king’s vision series.

Why sitcoms? Might be how wanda and Pietro learned english or the ideal family they lost in sokovia.

The most fascinating one: is vision alive? I would love vision to be resurrected in his old pure white attire and I would live mephisto to be involved in this show as a contrast to the pure white of vision.

This show is the highlight of my week entertainment wise and your show is my fave on the patreon.

Keep the recommendations coming @WH_PARK and thanks @wai0937 for the extra content.

Brother Ting & Brother Park,

I really enjoyed the “mid-season finale” of WandaVision! Going back to the moments right after the “second snap” or “Blip II: Electric Boogaloo” was a clever way of anchoring Wanda’s sitcom world to the reality of the MCU.

The scenes with SWORD set the tone for the episode & gave us more insight on Monica before she became “Geraldine” (BTW, that name is probably a nod to the old “Flip Wilson Show”).

Another thing I loved was the inclusion of some of the minor MCU characters. I can’t tell you how great it was to see Darcy back! I know she’s an acquired taste for some, but Kat Dennings was easily one of the best parts of pre-Ragnarock Thor. And Randall Park as that man Jimmy Woo already feels like the perfect audience surrogate.

If the rumors about the Netflix heroes are true, I feel like incorporating them into the Disney+ shows would be a perfect way to reintroduce Jessica, Luke, Misty, Colleen, and maybe even Danny (maybe).

Overall, this was a really strong episode that reframed the series both literally & figuratively. 8 “Zombie Vision Jump Cuts” out of 10!


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Three to be exact. Some Redditors pinpointed it specifically to November 2023, since it was determined thru Far From Home that Hulk’s Snap takes place in October.

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I really enjoyed this scene as well, but I’m confused and dont know if I’m forgetting something or missed something. In Endgame, why did all the heroes return ready to fight, but here, everyone was just thrown into chaos? Was this ever explained?

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My read on it is that the difference between the heroes & your average Blipee is that (based off of WV), all the regular folks just dusted in reverse right back to the exact same spot that they left.

But with the heroes, Dr. Strange & the monks had to round everybody up. So while they were all probably disoriented (and we get some of that w/Peter Parker), Strange probably gave them enough info to come back ready to do work.


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Hey guys, some thoughts at the almost midway point so sorry if this is long

Have really enjoyed the series so far, and especially how episode 4 answers some of the questions so far, not only seeing some of the minor characters from previous films, like Darcy and Jimmy Woo, getting important roles within this series is a really nice touch to keep rewarding those who have been invested in the MCU from the beginning and I agree with Nate regarding it being a good way to introduce/reintroduce other characters via Disney+ shows

With regards to episode 4, when SWORD started to attach the “real world” people with their characters in the show, one person I don’t think got identified is Agnes. With scenes missing when Darcy is watching that we have seen, such as the radio and glass shattering from Ep.2 & Monica’s disappearance from Ep.3 could the WandaVision world be under the influence of Agnes. Granted it got revealed that Wanda is the villain currently however could this be because someone else has control of Wanda and is using Wanda as a puppet? I will state this a small, self theory of my own so apologises if this sounds preposterous

One question for you guys, that may seem irrelevant or answered before so apologises if that is the case, at the first meeting of Jimmy Woo & Monica Rambeau, Jimmy mentions he was in pursuit of an informant, do you guys have any guesses who this may be, and do you think we will see this person/persons in WandaVision or at a later date in a film such as Dr Strange 2?

Thanks and always enjoy the shows and really appreciate the MCU content and knowledge that you both, and all the guests from the MCU film reviews that help fill in the blanks at times


An incredible episode. One that could probably be analysed by the second with the amount of easter eggs in it. What was great was actually starting listening to your previous reviews today for the first time, having just watched episode 4. It was almost like watching the eps again and getting a lot more context for what I had just seen.
With all of this teasing the House Of M connections with Wanda, do you think this will be the rumoured beginnings of the X-Men and mutants coming into this world? It seems this series will have a lot of impact on Phase 4 so just wondered how you think they might do it.
Also great to here WH chatting on these reviews. I’m so used to him trashing Kenny Omega that it’s great to hear him so happy to be chatting about comics and US TV shows. Love it.

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