Wandavision Feedback Thread (May Contain Spoilers)

Really enjoyed this episode, so much so that I actually felt compelled to leabe feedback for the first time!
A few OMG moments in this episode with the reveal of Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo who formed quite the buddy cop couple, the revelation that the helicoptor from episode 2 was a SWORD drone and of course dead Vision.

I am gripped by this show and love how it moves from sit com to creepy Twin Peaks/ Twilight Zone seamlessly. Elizabeth Olsen conveys this brilliantly and Paul Bettany is superb as the Vision who knows something isn’t quite right but not sure what.

In an age when we are used to binging on shows, I’m actually enjoying having to wait a week because after every episode there is a lot to think about!

Love the show guys. Keep up the good work!

Greg, Broxburn, Scotland


I had to come in and talk about this episode. So satisfying watching so many of my questions from the first 3 episodes answered or expanded upon, like the beekeeper who the people in the town actually are, etc. As much as I enjoyed the unique tone of the first 3 episodes, the return to the more familiar vibe in episode 4 is welcome.

I assume we’ll be seeing SWORD trying to enter the town and pull Wanda out, since Monica was able to come out alive. Loved this one.

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In terms of what the 00’s equivalent to “Dick Van Dyke” or “The Brady Bunch”, it’s gotta be “Modern Family”, right?

And the inclusion of a Modern Family-style episode may be a way to bring back the true unsung hero of the MCU…Doctor Leonard Sampson! :rofl:



Definitely looks like it can be from this shot in the mid-season trailer:


Phil is one of the best TV characters ever, for me.

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I am one of the few on the internet that was not blown up by this show. Those first three episodes where average at best. Glad that they revealed what’s happening in E04, I’m not sure I could’ve taken any more.

This female character with the glasses, the all-I-know-and-can-do chick. Cringe. So obnoxious. Can we have a show where one of the protagonist is not a total d*ck, please?

All in all I am a bit intrigued after this last episode (where I was absolutely out of it before that), but I wouldn’t call the show as something must see, like The Expanse, for example.

Are you much of an MCU Mark? Or comics mark in general? Your response reads like the answer is no. I do feel like if you aren’t big into the “mythology” of the setting and the tie ins then the show would not be nearly as appealing. Which is a big difference from a stand alone property like the expanse.
I don’t think it is a bad show, but without all the little Easter eggs and such I don’t think it is nearly as much fun.

I have pretty good idea on what is going on and am sorta familiar with House of M. Like I said, I have problems with certain characters and the fact that… well, those three episodes were not fun (to me), so it failed to grab my attention to the point where I will watch and search for Easter eggs.

Other thing I have huge problem is is the fact that we never saw how much Vision and Wanda actually loved each other in the movies. Their love was just there, like any other. To me hawkeye and Black Widow had WAY more emotional relationship, and they did not had a relationship aside from friendship. Wanda was never shown having a breakdown that would lead to this situation… or the powers to support it. For all I know she could make and shoot purple beamy-things out of her hands, not perfectly eatable food and such out of thin air.

I would be happy if they explain those to me, but so far I’m just watching with a smirk.

I don’t disagree with some of that. The character you mentioned was an existing MCU character so I enjoyed her being the same character as before.

On the Wanda/Vision relationship I agree that there was not a ton of time invested into either character so I can get the complaint about not having investment into the relationship. I also have some issue with some scenes in Endgame now given what is happening now.

I.e. Wanda going all out to kill Thanos makes total sense. Her lines surrounding the girl power scene now seem totally out of character.

I disagree on the powers part, she was shown to have these powers in age of Ultron, just on on this scale. They didn’t follow up with the use of those powers but I feel that is largely due to her being a more minor character and the villains being more generic. I guess they could have used them some in civil war, but I think they avoided it for rule of cool reasons.

While I can definitely see Modern Family being an inspiration, that was more so in the 2010s. Looking up big sitcoms of the 2000s, you had The Office, Everybody Loves Raymond (a show with twins!), Arrested Development, and a few others.

Friends, That 70’s show

Episode 5 : Oh the references to Full House and Growing Pains. The ultimate TVgasm. And the Xmen Quicksilver, this show keeps getting better and better.

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Absolutely enjoyed the show so far. As someone who’s only into the Marvel characters through the MCU, having the world of two of what should be the most powerful characters expanded upon has been great, though I miss a ton of the Easter eggs. I’m just about to watch Episode 5. I actually found Ep 4. to be the most jarring as while I’d figured that the “show” was a construct of Wanda’s mind, I’m wondering where their physical selves are.

Dave from Brisbane, Australia

Pietro opened the forbidden door for the MCU! Another sensational episode yet again that leaves you wanting more. Do you think Pietro was the rumoured ground breaking cameo earlier this week or are they going bigger? It feels like this was always teased and I think they are going bigger, maybe a Magneto or even a Spider-Man to help push that tie in.

During the end credits, we get a glimpse of a red mask flying around and then a green mask joins it for a brief second. I wonder if this is a tease of the introduction of Polaris to the MCU world.

WH not sure if you have mentioned it in the previous comic recommendations but the Vision Complete Collection by Tom King is a great read

Thank you for a great addition to the post wrestling podcast family with this great listen every week

Matt Shakman did not reference the Ten of Us (which is the show I know him for). I was looking for the main reference for this episode and it is Family Ties, a show I have not watched before.

Stu from Liverpool,

Well, Episode 5 sure pushed a lot of plot points, as well as 100% confirming the basis of Westview: Wanda’s tortured mind and her search for happiness. The little twists of Vision using his own powers to explore the reality of the situation opened up the darker side of what is going on with his “wife” and her quest for contentment. I wonder what topic the next advert will cover? Without going into a synopsis of every scene, I’m most excited in future episodes to resolve Pietro’s position within the story, whether she leaves Westview to resurrect him outside of the town (probably her greatest torment, it was mentioned in a previous episode too), and why she’s fully Sokovian-accented again outside of the Hex.

Also, living for Kathryn Hahn, how much does she know of the situation? She seems more sentient than others about the reality, hence her asking whether she should take it from the top. No Herb this episode?

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Bearing in mind that in the Xmen universe, Quicksilver is alive and in Apocalypse, he learns that his real dad is Magneto.

Monica when Woo and Darcy mentioned Captain Marvel. That’s very interesting since that tells me that their relationship is currently estranged. I’m guessing that it was because she wasn’t around when Maria was suffering from cancer. I mean your childhood hero just ghosted you for decades but finally shows up to earth to fight against Thanos and ghosted you again, you would feel some type of way.

But I gotta say a lot of forbidden doors being kicked down this week in wrestling and the MCU. And with Evan F’N Peters coming in as Quicksilver Pietro, the multiverse is about to commence! So happy to be a fan of geekery!

Scrump from Pro Wrestling Tees

Bang bang gentleman, how do you do?

I’m glad things are finally happening on this show and that they’re not relying too heavily on the old school tv format as it was cute at first, but got very old very quick.

First off, I would die for that Baby Vision they showed in the credits and hope he becomes the next Baby Yoda.

Second, that’s totally Mephisto disguised as Pietro right?

I would love for them to incorporate the X-Men, especially if there’s some multiverse shenanigans, but have a feeling he might be a red herring for what’s really going on.

Regardless I loved this episode and want more of this.

With a rumored 10th episode, as opposed to the announced 9, I’m hoping that they get longer in length as these episodes just feel too short.

Take care fellas :surfing_man:‍♂