Wardlo. Boring?

I fell I may be the only person that finds Wardlo nothing but a big boring sloppy guy in the ring? I just don’t buy him as a monster. Also a monster has no need to leave his feet. Maybe I have gotten to old for modern wrestling. I am no James E. Cornet cause there are plenty of modern wrestlers I like including Orange Cassidy.

He poses after every power move which annoys me

It’s Wardlow. With a W at the end.

I don’t find him sloppy at all, and while he should have stayed hotter after Double or Nothing, he still maximizes his moments.


He’s good in the ring, could be better on the mic, but has grown a lot. Would like it if he simplified his gimmick a bit more and got rid of the thorny armband tattoo-looking type and just kept it to a black and white presentation. Fewer bells and whistles, his screen should be a sans-serif font with his name in black or white on a contrasting black or white screen, and his music should just be a metronome-like bass drum with the Wardlow chant as the vocals. All the house lights, ring and stage lighting should be flat and bright. Start the walk-up from the back, just plain old black trunks.

Part of what works about Hook is how plainly he presents himself.

Has I was typing it I knew it didn’t look right. But to be perfectly clear my spelling is so bad sometimes that spell check gives up on me and tell me “you are on your own.”

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I like him mostly becuase he’s different than most of the roster. He doesn’t NEED to leave his feet but that swanton rules so why the hell not?

I am starting the loathe the thumbs in straps, crack the neck thing he does 5 times a match.

Wardlow needs to string together some good wrestling matches and really fine tune what his in-ring persona is. His mic work isn’t terrible. He needs (another) big bad to work off of….just like most face’s do.

He does need to tweak the act a bit. I think it’s time for a new finisher before the 10 powerbombs gets too tired.

Powerbomb is over to the fans. That’s really all that matters.

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