Was the Mercedes Mone debut the worst ever for a star?

“The CEO” is what WWE would have called her if she was “The Boss” on the indies and they couldn’t trademark it.

If she does go to AEW, she needs a heater nicknamed “The EVP”.

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I asked on reddit for some follow up to those who watch NJPW, didn’t get any replies.

I know they have crowds that aren’t allowed to cheer, was that part of it? Also, what about attendance capacity? It seems like a CAVERNOUS arena to run, looked like they had no one in the actual seats, just on the floor. Like, 5000? in a building that seats like 50,000? Seems nuts to me.

The other thing is the language barrier, I was hoping she’d have a bit of a new bent on her character. She has a new look (I thought the hair was stupid, but that’s just me) but she was like 1 breath away from doing that AWFUL laugh that she seems to think is key to being a heel. For me it’s like that Seth cackle, both are just groan inducing.

Again, as a non-viewer of NJPW I’m not sure exactly how you build up a feud between a person who doesn’t speak Japanese, and one who speaks less than fluent English, to a crowd who doesn’t speak English. I hope this goes well for both her and Kairi, I think the crowd in San Jose will do wonders for this…but as far as the title of the post goes, and what I saw in the video…it was a pretty brutal debut.