Weather at wrestlemania. Are you rooting for rain?

For anyone whose in New York right now, what’s the weather like? The pictures I’ve seen of @wai0937 and @johnpollock on Instagram are of them in some pretty heavy jackets. Is it chillier than it seems?

And what about Sunday. The National Weather Service had rain chances as high as 70% on Sunday evening. Would you want it to rain at Wrestlemania? I’m kind of interested in seeing how WWE and the wrestlers would react to it since it hasn’t happened before. But I’m sure wrestling in the rain unprepared is more dangerous than a ladder match.

Sitting outside in 50 degrees in rain for 8 hours is what every wrestling fan dreams of…said nobody ever. This a horrible wish. Take that back immediately.

Weather looks to be reasonable for Sunday. Not sure what you’re seeing. And if it did rain I would
expect this to be a disaster and I can tell you nobody I’m going with and not even myself would attend.

It’s not that cold during the day. In fact, we were very overdressed inside the two venues we’ve been in.


I hope it rains during the HHH/Batista match. It might be the only way that match delivers excitement…

I live about 45 minutes from MetLife and its beautiful here today. Tomorrow seems like it will be a nice day with temperatures in the mid 60s and at night it says around 50 with rain starting after midnight so hopefully we’ll be in the clear.

Looking forward to going regardless

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