Just heard you mention that the Undertaker found out that his brother passed away just before taping the WrestleMania Boneyard match.
It reminded me of this weird connection between the Undertaker & Bret Hart which I had begun to notice a number of years ago.
The Undertaker made his debut as “Kane the Undertaker” at a taping of on November 19, 1990. Seven years and 10 days before the “Montreal Screwjob” edition of The Survivor Series (1997).
Undertaker then made his official on-camera debut as “The Undertaker” on November 22 1990 at the Survivor Series. On his opponents team is Bret Hart. Bret had just found out the day before HIS brother Dean had passed away.
According to wikipedia, as a child Dean had once accidentally started a fire in the Hart House.

Glen Jacobs had his first match as the Kane character (although he had been around on tv for over a month) on the very same card as the Montreal Screwjob, Survivor Series November 9th 1997

& Undertaker’s tv debut at Survivor Series 1990 was exactly 27 years to the day since JFK was assassinated!

Coincidence? I think not.

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Bret had his jacket stolen by a pirate and the Undertaker has his urn stolen by the million dollar corporation. Both of those occurred in 1995 :scream:

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