We're All Sting Now

Sting is/was the platonic ideal of the naive babyface, the hopeful, brave, and constantly taken advantage of hero that we’ve all kind of come to mock. Fooled by everyone, from Ric Flair, to Luger, to Flair ten more times, we look at him and ask, 'How are we supposed to believe he’d keep falling for it?"

The thing is, with the WWE, we’re all Sting now.
Most of the people on this forum are not who Vince wants as customers. You can tell, because he’s not making his product for us, and he hasn’t for a while.
With the new TV deals more than ever before, he’s proved that he doesn’t run a wrestling business, and that’s why he doesn’t book like a wrestling company. The WWE experience is what he’s booked as his top babyface, and all of the talent is there to job to the idea of what the WWE is.

And us, we keep falling for his schtick by convincing ourselves we can see what we want to see, what we hope to see in the product. You know, just like Sting did all those times with all those dastardly heels.
And just like the Stinger, we’re left high and dry over and over again, hurt, shocked, and put out by something we should have seen coming.

Flair didn’t want Sting’s friendship, and Vince, deep down inside, doesn’t want fans like us. We’re hard to please, we get in the way of what he wants, and he’d rather have a family of four in the crowd than 4 smarks who want to see individual talent, and not a publicly traded company, get over.

We’re all Sting now, because week in and week out we think Vince hasn’t done what he’s done, we deny the fact he actually has succeeded in creating Sports Entertainment, with its own rules, its own measures of success, its own book philosophies, and its own discrete models of making money/doing business.

(And sorry about the length, but I thought this was worth writing out and sharing)


First of all, great post. I totally agree with you. I’m one of those fans that’s been pointed out the point about smart fans for years now. It’s like we smart fans don’t realize that WWE isn’t new Japan or ROH and that It’s not a wrestling company and they are successful with that formula even if we don’t like it.

The other thing that’s helping in this propaganda is the wrestling media. Guys like Meltzer and Keller continue to tell fans that they are right in not liking The WWE product and It leading to us continue to not see the truth about WWE because the truth isn’t being reported.

In the end, your analogy is completely right, we are a dumb baby face because we for the most part believe that Vince and in a way HHH cares about us when in reality, they only cares about making money and making the brand successful and sadly It’s not by making the smart fans happy that this will happen.

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I feel like we’re more like Bret Hart, when he returned and shook Vince’s hand and thought everything was going to be good now and then BAM! Vince kicks him and makes him look like a fool.

We constantly whine like Bret. We give match ratings, such as Brets famous 4/10 and make dumb comments, such as Bret saying HHH is not in the top 1000 wrestlers.


It’s true, that also works, and it cracked me up!

(My question to Bret though is would he rank Bruce Hart higher than Trips?)

I also have this theory that one of the reasons Vince won’t let anyone really get over is because if they do, and they jump ship, it could actually lead to parts of his fan base that he values following that person leaving.

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Stings a multiple champion, rich and HOFer…we’re not sting…we’re just consumers who’d rather complain about a product instead of simply avoiding it.

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It’s cool, not everyone likes metaphors, I get it.



Very nice

I’ve come to appreciate WWE for what it is. It’s a weekly story that I can keep up with, or not keep up with, listen to podcasts about, or avoid completely. It’s always going to be there. It’s never going to be must see live. And the Sunday specials every few weeks give me a reason to hang with my buddy.

I’ve come to love New Japan, and enjoy NXT, and will watch ROH shows because that’s where I can enjoy wrestling.

The WWE has made SO much freaking money this year and positioned itself for the next half decade to just be stupid rich. It’s more interesting to follow their place in the media landscape, how they approach the globalization of wrestling, and how integrated Into the main stream they can get. I enjoy those real stories way more than what they produce.

It’s not for us. And you know, it wasn’t for Sting either for a long time. But he too knew it’d always be there for him to go back to.

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I’m fascinated by the business of pro wrestling and it as a storytelling medium. I took about a decade off until Bill Simmons and David Shoemaker got me back into it. I love WWE for the highs they can get to, but mainly I’m compelled by it because of how it changes and how it operates (not usually in a good way)

Also, I willingly let myself mark all the way the fuck out when they earn that response from me!

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I dont think Vince gives a shit as long we pay for his product. It’s an audience of one and it’s been that way since WCW went out of business.

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Been that way a helluva lot longer than that.

Don’t fool yourself.

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It’s been like this since he bought the company from his dad in the 80’s and it was like that when his dad had the company. The thing is that as far as the wwe product is concern, it always was this way, I could also pretty much say that for every other wrestling company as well. If you’re not in the wrestling business to make money, you will fail in the end.