What are the greatest trophies in all of sports?

What do you guys think are the greatest trophies in all of sports. Personally, my number 1 would be the World Cup trophy and the Stanley Cup would be a close 2nd.

My top five sports trophies overall:

  1. FIFA World Cup
  2. Lord Stanley Cup
  3. Premier League
  4. UEFA Champions League
  5. CFL Grey Cup


Has to be Lord Stanley’s Mug for this Canadian

After that

FIFA World Cup
Premier League
UEFA Champions
Super Bowl
NBA title

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Olympic Gold Medal has to be at the top of the list overall. No other winner’s trophy is universal for so many sports.

But…If we’re talking appearance and perceived prestige, the Stanley Cup is #1. And this is coming from a non-hockey loving American.


The Vince Lombardi trophy is definitely the most disappointing, especially when you consider the prestige and history that goes along with it. You’d think the winner of the Superbowl would get a, well, super looking bowl.


Just a silver football on top of a stick. Not worth the time. :laughing:


For me it’s always been the Stanley Cup. The rest are all tied for second as meh.

Id say the Queen’s plate for horse racing. Lol

There’s a golf tournament that years and years ago had a championship belt. I think it was one of the majors.

You all are sleeping on the MLB Commissioner’s Trophy. Look at all those flags! Handle with care. No way Tom Brady would risk tossing that puppy from duck boat to duck boat.

My Esso ‘Most Dedicated’ medal from 1995 Minor Pee Wee was pretty sweet looking.

I don’t know much about other trophies but I love how the Stanley Cup has years of players names on it.


I will definitely go with Stanley cup no 1 overall.
A close 2nd would be the Heisman Trophy. Its the best looking player award in all of sports IMO. I would rank the Larry O’Brian Trophy (NBA Championship) & Lombardi Trophy (Super Bowl Championship) 3rd & 4th respectively mainly due to prestige. To round out my top 5 I put the Olympic Gold Medal.

The World Cup is a beautiful trophy

You all are forgetting the Andre memorial battle royale trophy


Now that’s iconic.

King of Cable trophy, brother


24/7 title and hardcore title

Actually…for me, I would put the winged eagle title as my #2, that title as a kid meant so much to me.

So technically that is the hardcore title lol.

Oh how quickly you all forget the coveted Tuwaiq Trophy.

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I was gonna mention that one, but as you said, I literally forgot that it existed. That’s a testament to its greatness!

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For me it’s the World Cup. A beautiful statuette, not grandiose and ostentatious, it’s perfect.

Honourable mention though to The Ashes. The victor of the biennial cricket test series between England and Australia wins a small (4 inches!) urn said to contain the ashes of a cricket ball from the late 1800s.


My only qualm of the World Cup trophy is that you can’t drink out of it like the Stanley Cup, that is a must for me. But other than that, it’s beautiful. :laughing: