What are you more hyped for: NXT or AEW?

Tonight is a huge ending to the season for NXT and AEW. One show has double titles and a likely women’s champions change. The other counters with a 10 minute championship challenge and tag title match.


Which are you more hyped for/watching first?

  • AEW
  • NXT
  • Neither I’m watching Star Wars/Mandalorian

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The Jericho/Jungle match might be fun but it probably won’t mean much after this week like with Scorpio Sky. Don’t care about the tag match to be honest.

Don’t think the match between Ripley/Baszler will actually be that good as I don’t think their styles match but it should have a big moment at the end (or most likely it’ll be a fuck finish so they can have the title change at TakeOver). Balor/Cole should deliver a great match but no think that’ll be a fuck finish as well. Hope Balor actually wins the title but can’t see that happening.

Damn Britt almost missed the flight. Too bad now we have to sit through another one of her dumb matches. She’s literally the worst

Yeah but what you don’t know about her is that she used to be a dentist.

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Oh yeah. A doctor who according to senile old JR does house calls and prescribes things. Expect she’s a dentist JR.

Well what can you expect. This is the same Dofus that recently said steroids should be allowed in wrestling as long as you check BP and used to smoke in the parking lot of his gym after working out.

I mean I think Ripley wins clean, they aren’t going to drag this out for 2 more months. I am expecting Shayna to love to RAW to feud with Becky who unless she loses to Asuka again at the rumble has no program after that match.

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Shayana is close to a lock to either win the rumble and feud with Becky it cost Becky agaisnt asuka