What are you most interested in seeing in a Vinceless Raw/Smackdown

If you are watching or partially watching Raw and/or SD this week (which I’m guessing isn’t a lot of people from this board), what are you most interested in seeing?

For me, its the following;

  1. Announcing. Vince is notorious for micromanaging his announcers, I am very curious to hear how they come off tomorrow. While I’m sure a lot is going to be the same, I can’t imagine Bruce Pritchard or whomever is in charge of announcing is going to be in their ears the way Vince was. I’m especially curious to hear Jimmy Smith as we have never seen him in a pro wrestling setting without Vince in his ear.

  2. Camera work. I recently read that Kevin Dunn isn’t to blame for the “shaky cam” crap that WWE love to do (see link below), so if that’s the case I have to imagine it was coming from Vince because who else can tell Dunn what to do. Between the shaky cam and the constant camera cuts, WWE can be very hard to watch. With Vince no longer there, I wonder if we see a change.

  3. What can Bruce Pritchard do as head booker without Vince being his editor/boss/final decision maker. PWInsider reported that Bruce is now in charge of booking, now I don’t know if this is an interim thing or if its permanent, but assuming its permanent, is he Vince light, or is he completely different? My gut tells me Vince light, but I’m hoping I’m wrong.

Now obviously most IWC fans want to see changes in things like scripted promos, long term story telling, elimination of goofy angles, and guys actually connecting to the fans being pushed, but I feel that these things IF they change won’t be seen until down the road.

Also, obviously Vince is still majority share holder, so he could still give him stupid opinions and be pulling the strings from behind the scenes, but this is the first time in a long time that I have actually been excited that there could be a change coming.

One of many articles I was citing above: WWE's Rapid Camera Cuts Wasn't A Kevin Dunn Idea

I think announcing and camera work will be the natural, immediate things to look out for in the next few months.

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"Vince"isims as well. “Medical Facility”, “Voluptuous”, “Summarily” not to mention the things performers can’t say (ie. wrestler vs Sports entertainer, title vs belt etc.). I wonder if the controlling nature of words goes away. Probably not right away, but down the road I’m hoping the weird speak goes away.

I’m interested in seeing if Sasha Banks returns.

While Vince leaving obviously upset some talent like Brock enough for him to leave (and come back) at Smackdown.

On the flip side Vince and Laurenitis being gone probably opens the door to talent that had a lot of issues with that regime like Sasha. I would not be surprised at all now if she makes an appearance at SummerSlam.

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Less rematches. Less DQs. Less count outs. Matches that mean something.


Less distraction finishes hopefully.


Long term booking… Hopefully, and I hope HHH can bring back Brian James and other former creative that worked on NXT’s black and gold.

Maybe we’ll see actual matches with finishes.

Talent like Ricochet, Nakamura, Asuka and more being used well? “Gunther” FKA Walter.

I hope Bruce Pritchard is kindly sent on his way.


Mostly talent and production being appreciated.


Could not agree with this more on every point you made.

NXT the original booking


Hearing the actual crowd reactions

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