What are you watching?

THE BOYS! One of the best out right now

Just finished season 1 of strange new worlds. It was lovely.

Curious whether Only Murders in the Building will stay good. Might be wavering.

Still missing Shoresy.

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Strange New Worlds was FANTASTIC. I just finished the season finale last night and can’t wait for more. I’ve liked Discovery and Picard. There have been some good Star Trek episodes in those shows. But as a season they seem to fall apart towards the end. Whereas Strange New Worlds kept getting better and better. There wasn’t a bad episode of the first season. And they were all so memorable I can even rank them.

Favorite to Least Favorite:

  1. Episode 2 Children of the Comet
  2. Episode 4 Momento Mori
  3. Episode 10 A Quality of Mercy
  4. Episode 5 Spock Amok
  5. Episode 9 All Who Wonder
  6. Episode 1 Strange New Worlds
  7. Episode 3 Ghosts of Illyria
  8. Episode 7 The Serene Squall
  9. Episode 6 Lift us where suffering cannot reach
  10. Episode 8 The Elysian Kingdom

Dude that sums it up so well. I think SNW was for the people who dislike new Trek and want more of the shows from the 90s. I don’t think they should stop making shows like new trek, but different types of shows for different types of people to cast wider nets is a much better idea than more of the same kind of show, in my mind.

I grew up on TNG and TOS seemed camp. But this makes me like that era.

Just started watching Severance on Apple TV. 4 episodes in, and I love it. Weird as hell, but not like anything I have ever seen before. Highly recommend.

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Westworld is wild right now.

Also I’m almost finished with Ozark. Wild as well.

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I stopped watching Westworld after season 1. Not because I stopped liking it, I just never got back to it and I worried the premise wouldn’t be able to sustain itself, especially after the season 1 ending.

Has it gotten better and better?

Apple TVs ‘Severance’. Watched it twice, got into some of the sneaky supplementary material… amazing!

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Watched it twice, and seen some of the cool side stories they released online about lumon staff… holy shiv you’re not wrong!

Not exactly no. It has akways been solid but had convoluted storylines. Last season was good but a low point. So far this year its been great. Its like a reset. I believe someone could jump in this season without watching anything else and not be totslly lost.

Well almost.

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Anyone interested at all in the culinary scene should check out The Bear from FX. I think it’s on Hulu. It’s absolutely gripping and a must watch show imo. Very bingeable. Only 1 season out so far

That last episode was bonkers with all the reveals.

I’ve been watching Drive to Survive season 3, 2 episodes left!

I just finished Severance. It is not a show I usually watch. A simmering creepy psychological mystery thriller. I was uncomfortable and creeped out but couldn’t stop watching. Every episode I said WTF at least 10 times. I just kept thinking about all the side-effects and potential plotlines but it surprised me at every turn. They did incredible character development and world building in a small amount of time. Very different and very deserving of all the praise its getting.

I also finished The Boys S3. Another excellent show with lots of crazy twists. But I think I preferred Season 2 as it did a bit more world building and introduced a lot of the twisted media ideas that S3 would dive into to draw comparisons to today’s fractured American politics.

Also watching For All Mankind on Apple TV. This is one of my favorite show’s since the incredible first season that has just gotten better every season. And this season is just as entertaining and fascinating as their historical fiction diverges from our world.

That’s it for right now. But August is going to be INSANE!

Aug 12 - Never Have I Ever S3 on Netflix
Aug. 17 - She Hulk on Disney+
Aug. 21 - House of the Dragon on HBO
Aug. 31 - Andor on Disney+
Sep. 2 - Rings of Power on Amazon


Why is there a star trek show on disney+? Ohhh star wars called a planet andor as well.

I just saw NOPE. A smidge different than what I expected but a lot more fun.

Andor is a person. The show is about a person

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Shows how much I know about star wars.

It’s that dude from rogue one

I have to admit I wasn’t really interested in his story mainly because we know how it ends, but they made this somewhat interesting based on the trailer

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Agreed, I was not interested at all, but my partner was really excited and we watched the trailers, it does look really good! I’ll be watching.