What are you watching?

What do you mean when you say a promotion like the DWL doesn’t really exist? Like a small local promotion? There are tons around. I don’t know about their success however… Just curious what you mean.

I meant a local promotion that has its own standalone facility that is a draw or a destination for the region. Yes there are lots of indy promotions. But they typically travel around doing shows at small convention centers. Or they do have a home location but it’s a rented out mall space.

The DWL arena seems closely based on the Dallas Sportatorium where WCCW was based until it was demolished in 2003.

I gotcha. That makes sense. Youre totally right on that

Ahsoka has arrived. A great start!


Debating to watch the show. I like Rosario Dawson (just watched her in Daredevil), but her character in Mandalorian/Boba Fett never screamed to me “I need to see this character in their own show”.

Does the first episode feel as if its at the level of the Boba Fett/Mandalorian? Also, can I watch it without having ever seen any Star Wars outside of Boba Fett/Mandalorian?

I am a bit biased because it is a character I am invested in. It was a great two episodes on the level of Mando and Andor and beyond Boba Fett.

However, if you have only watched those and do not enjoy the more let’s say mystical aspects of Star Wars, it may not be for you.

Also it does help if you have seen Rebels (more so) or The Clone Wars but I think that it does a good job referencing those and raising questions in the same manner that any other show or movie would without necessarily needing to see those. I don’t know if I am explaining that well!

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My Adventures with Superman, at the moment. It’s heavily inspired by shonen anime. Goku and Superman have quite a bit in common. Two overpowered beings with hearts of gold and this show leans into those anime tropes in a way that feels fresh but stays true to the character’s ethos.


I think you should try it just because I would be interested in hearing whether you liked it or not after only seeing the Mandalorian.

I personally thought it was great. I’ve only seen a couple of episodes of Rebels and didn’t feel like I was missing anything. The show establishes that the main characters in Ashoka have a history with each other based on their interactions together. But that the audience didn’t need to know all their past adventures to start a new story with Ashoka and her team set much later. And that the new mystery’s (like who are the bad guy Jedi) are new to the characters and audience.

But I also felt “at home” watching the series. It fits into the look and feel of the Star Wars original trilogy very well. The opening of the show is very inspired by the beginning of a new hope. The music is very “Star Wars” to the point that I wondered whether John Williams did the score (he didn’t). I’m really looking forward to more episodes.


Very well said. Thats what I was going for! Lol. Thanks! You’re exactly right


One piece? Pretty good…

I’ve finished watching “My Adventures with Superman” and I absolutely loved it! It’s like watching a modern take on ‘Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman’ only with a lot more emphasis on Superman.

My only “complaint” is I was today years old when I realized who THIS dude (might) really is.

My brain be working in slow motion at times. :rofl:


@kliq have you been watching Ashoka? Just wondering if you have been, what you think as someone that hasn’t seen the previous cartoons (or even the Star Wars movies).

Personally as a big Star Wars fan I think its been fantastic. I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode and I think its just gotten better with each episode.

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Outside of Ashoka there’s a lot I’m watching.

Currently Watching:
Star Trek Lower Decks Season 4
Untold on Netflix season 3 (the Johnny Manziel one was crazy)

Recently Finished:
Foundation Season 3
Heels Season 2
Winning Time Season 2 (Very sad that HBO cancelled it)

Looking forward to starting:
The Morning Show season 3
Sex Education Season 4
Ragnarok Season 2
Love is Blind season 5
Taylor Sheridan’s Lioness
Welcome to Wrexham Season 2
The Boys Gen V
Loki Season 2
The Flash on HBO
Great British Baking Show

Not yet…I’m currently watching the final season of Billions, I just finished Abbot Elementary Season 2, and I love reality competition shows which is Big Brother 3x a week, The Challenge, and as of Wed Survivor 90min a week, then when you add AEW and WWE, I just haven’t had time for anything else. My plan is to watch it when my other stuff ends.

Also, my wife and I plan on watching Morning Show Season 3.

Side note, speaking of Big Brother…is it common knowledge to wrestling fans that Luchasaurus was on Big Brother years ago? I had no idea until he was in AEW.

Ahsoka eclipsed my expectations and then some. Hayden Christensen freakin killed it these eps.


Met Hayden a few weeks ago at Fan Expo Toronto, told me he loved my Anakin cosplay, was a fantastic meet!


Ahsoka is great.
Lioness was really good.

Just read it was cancelled, though it appears a switch in platform is not out of the question.

Yeah I saw that news. What a shame as Season 2 was really entertaining and it ended on a cliffhanger.

Hopefully it finds a new home. But I’m not really surprised that it was cancelled. It seemed like a very “niche” show that nobody was really talking about. If we only got two seasons that’s still better than nothing.

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I hate that so much when shows end a season on a cliffhanger then get cancelled. This was the nail in the coffin as to why I stopped watching network dramas, they used to do this constantly.

I used to watch a show on HBO called “Hello Ladies”. Show got cancelled after an 8 episode first season, then the show came back with a movie to conclude everything, it juts feels like a slap in the face to the viewer by the network when they do this.