What are you watching?

It’s obviously a bit frustrating but I’ve gotten used to it as being a risk of watching TV. How a show ends is obviously important but the whole point of TV shows, wrestling, sports etc. is to be entertaining. As long as I enjoyed the 8 hours I spent watching Season 2 of Heels or any other show that gets cancelled then I don’t feel like its a waste.


I also started Gev V today, The Boys high-school spinoff. It is as absolutely disgusting, vile and fascinating as The Boys. If you liked The Boys then absolutely watch. But I can see how its a bit extreme for some.

Like @wai0937 I watched the Netflix Beckham documentary. As a sports documentary it did a fine job documenting the ups and downs of his career and shedding light on the rigorous training and sky high expectations his dad put on him that refined his skills.

But the most fascinating parts of it to me were the insights into David Beckham and Victoria’s (Posh Spice’s) marriage. How they met. How they found safety and security with each other. Their similarities and differences. How they can make fun of each-other. How they survived a brutal paparazzi culture of the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

It feels very timely right now as it seems like we are watching the start of another power couple between an all-star athlete and pop-star in Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. And how they already seem to be being hounded and criticized the same way as the Beckham’s as though the media haven’t learned anything in 25 years.

Doing a rewatch of Doctor Who, 8th Doctor and onwards, on the final specials of the 10th Doctor currently


It’s been a long time for me but since this past week, I’m binge-watching Friends on HBO Max. Planning to go every season, I feel sad but comforting just sitting on my couch watching it.


Anyone check out the end of attack on titan?? I thought it was great

Currently Watching:
Welcome to Wrexham season 2
Golden Bachelor
Great British Baking Show
Loki season 2
The Gilded Age season 2

Recently Finished:
The Morning Show season 3
Star Trek Lower Decks season 4
The Boys: Gen V season 1
Ragnarok season 3

Looking forward to starting:
Invincible season 2
Love is Blind season 5
Taylor Sheridan’s Lioness
Taylor Sheridan’s Lawmen Bass Reeves
The Flash on HBO
For All Mankind season 4 (November 10)
The Crown season 6 (November 16)
Scott Pilgrim Takes Off (November 17)
Slow Horses season 3 (November 29)
The Buccaneers on AppleTV

There is a lot of good TV coming out i’m looking forward to. No wonder wrestling ratings are down.

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This weekend, finishing up season 2 of Loki and then starting season 2 of The Santa Clauses on Disney+. I loved that series so much more than I expected. Also catching up on season 2 of Welcome to Wrexham on FX & Hulu.

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What did you think of the Morning Show?
Season one was brilliant but season 2 and the first 3 episodes of 3 have made me give up.
Does it redeem itself?

Just finished Succession Season 1, so glad I gave it a second chance as now I love it.

I’m watching Fear the Walking Dead the final season, absolutely horrible show, its the wrestling equivalent of WCW 2000. I gave up on it a couple years ago (middle of the last season), but decided to catch up when I read a major character came back for the final season as I want to see how it finishes.

I’m watching the Frasier reboot…can’t say its great, but its nostalgic and non offensive.

I just finished Fall of House Usher which was pretty good if you like that style of show.

About to start The Morning Show Season 3.

I’ve finished Scott Pilgrim Takes Off over the weekend. It’s a fresh remix of the film.

One of the most influential television producers and social activists of all-time. Rest in peace, Norm. I say a marathon for All in the Family, Sanford & Son, and The Jeffersons are in order.

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