What can we all do during Isolation?

This my be useful for those feeling a little unhinged or those with kids in the family.

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To fill the boredom why not listen to the best thing on the internet?


I’ll go with Greg valentine, I have no idea.

I’m a gamer so it doesn’t change my life a whole lot.

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I made a schedule with my son and we saw frozen yesterday and frozen 2 today after he finished his work. I have to say the movies are better than I thought and kept me awake

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I like both movies but then I love the 2 main actresses in general. The only downside to frozen movies is with 2 young daughters I get singing non stop.

Currently re-watching 28 days and 28 weeks later.

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Sorry I have a strong opinion on Frozen 1. Massive spoilers ahead.

It is a masterpiece until Anna is saved from the ice. After that the movie accelerates, it’s not made clear why Elsa suddenly changes the landscape back to how it was. They should have taken their time explaining what she was feeling and then she should have changed everything back.

Yup major plot hole I agree. She just realizes she can do it.
MY favourite part was the shoe size doesn’t matter. I spit out my coffee and my son asked me what’s wrong with shoe size

I loved the darkness of the story. I love gloomy stories in general. It’s less dark than the book though.

Do you mean Snow queen?

I’ve been watching a lot of pandemic style movies. Either a strange killer virus, like the Andromeda Strain; or Zombie flicks. Would recommend the Night eats the World.

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I feel like that is expecting a lot from a 90 min children’s movie. She realizes that love is what helps her control her powers, rather than trying to isolate herself. I felt like the Hans heel turn is the much more glaring plot hole in the movie, given that they don’t so much as hint that he has ulterior motives for trying to marry Anna, until he betrays her. I mean they could have at least shown him have a temper at some point with someone else etc.


Yeah the Hans heel turn bugged my wife. She didn’t get why he suddenly did that when it’s not shown to be anything before. My son just asked if he’s bad now and I said yes and he moved on LOL

My 5 year old has been watching a lot of Paw Patrol and by proximity, so have I and I have a major bone to pick with Mayor Humdinger. He’s the mayor of Foggy Bottom but hangs out almost exclusively in Adventure Bay. He’s going to have a tough reelection campaign.


LOL. I got so sick of paw patrol and the names of the shows (my son is also 5). It’s called “pups save circus” or “pups save race”.

Now that he’s moved onto Ryan’s toy review I wish I had paw patrol Back


Yes, the book by Andersen.

There’s a lot of “children’s movies” that are masterpieces. Pixar and Ghibli do a lot of that.

I think that just comes down to what you like. I love a lot of kids movies, but they still tend to rush things and have plot holes if you pick them apart simply out of the need to make shorter films. I just don’t see it as an added benefit to view anymore realization of Elsa learning that love is what allows her to control her powers, when it is clear all movie long that her emotions effect her powers. You say it isn’t clear why she changes the landscape back? She didn’t intend to change it in the first place.

I would also say for children’s movies Frozen is targeted younger than most Ghibli films. I watch Frozen with my 1.5 and 3.5 year olds. I don’t show them things like Howl’s Moving Castle or Spirited away as they are much scarier films.

During the whole movie, I thought Frozen was great, really really good and when Anna is saved from the ice, something was missing.

You could show them Kiki or Totoro for example. Totoro is a masterpiece I think, I don’t think I’m the only one thinking that.