What do you think is Chris Jericho's best match?

I was listening to Talk is Jericho and he mentioned that his match with Kenny Omega is called by many his greatest match ever. That he performed better at 49 than at any time in his career and the two worked together tremendously to create a 5 star match.

I knew all of these things but I guess i’m still amazed that Jericho’s match with Kenny was his first five star match even though he’s been known as a workhorse and one of the best wrestlers in every company he’s worked in for 20+ years.

Considering his long career, do you agree that his match with Kenny was his best? What do you think was his best match or your personal favorite?

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I personally would still go with his ladder match against Chris Benoit at Royal Rumble 2001. That was a hellacious and awesome match.

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His ladder match with Shawn Michaels at No Mercy 2008.

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Already we have two different answers!

I think his best match is against Shawn Michales at Wrestlemania 19 where they told a great story within the match of Jericho using all the moves that Shawn had inspired.

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Teaming with Benoit vs Austin and HHH

I wws there at Wrestlemania 19 against HBK so that always tops my list, but even then i think Jericho vs Benoit ladder match takes it. So damn different compared to other ladder matches.

I agree with HBK at wrestlemania 19.

Jericho vs Michaels WM19.

Dean Malenko vs Chris Jericho - Slamboree 1998

The build, the battle royal, the unmasking, :clap::clap::clap:

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Fully loaded 2000.

Chris Jericho vs triple h (last man standing) great psychology :+1:

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There was a match with HBK shortly after his WM19 match on Raw that I really loved, but I still think WM19 with HBK, for me, was his best.

I always loved his match with The Rock in '01, No Mercy apparently (after looking it up). Never gets mentioned normally when the topic is brought up.

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WM 19 against HBK

I saw that match live on PPV and at the time I just thought it was a really good match. It didn’t sink in just how good it was until months later when I watched the tape.

I agree. I love that match and think it might be Rocks best match ever. And as a Jericho fan it was a huge moment to see him finally win a world championship (even though it was just the WCW title). Winning the Undisputed title may have been a bigger accomplishment but the matches against Rock and Austin at Vengeance 01 weren’t as good as the No Mercy match.

A couple of other matches that were great but haven’t been mentioned yet:

Jericho vs Mysterio at Extreme Rules 2009. Two great veterans feuding over the IC title. This match had the great moment where Jericho stole Mysterio’s mask during the 619.

Jericho vs CM punk at Extreme Rules 2012. This was the follow up to their WM28 match and I think it was better than their wrestlemania match.

Jericho vs Cena vs Christian at Vengence 2005. A very good match from early in John Cena’s career where Christian was being given his most serious push into the world title scene.

His Royal Rumble Match with The Rock ahead of Wrestlmania X8 is his best match in my opinion. I’ve shown it to many non-wrestling fans who have since become fans. It’s a forgotten classic and the build was awesome.