What does MSK mean?

The rascals were my favorite part of Impact for the longest time.

Iove this tag team and their use of tag team moves and their high impact ring style.

The new names of Wentz and Dez are truly horrible but that is typical of the nxt treatment.

I can’t find on the internet any reference to MSK. Anyone know? Could it be a reference to their real life partners (the K for for Kimber Lee). A short form? Inside joke?

Is it like CM in CM Punk and open to interpretation? Anyone know and anyone think this acronym will make it up the main roster. Maybe Vince will cut the K and the guys will be a feminist tag team. Who knows?

they even retweeted the picture when I said if that’s what it stood for


Must See Kids is what I heard.


This is what I think everytime

That is so unbelievably cool :sunglasses:

The CM really isn’t open to interpretation anymore. Pretty sure it was confirmed as “Chick Magnet” from his indie tag team The Chick Magnets. People probably would’ve figured it out if they knew the tag team even existed.

As for MSK. Don’t like the name either but wasn’t a fan of calling them The Rascalz either to be honest.