What happened to EC3?

i don’T really follow NXT that much outside of reading spoilers and watching Clip of the show on the youtube channel, but i was just wondering what happened to EC3. The guy came in with a lot of fan fare earlier this year and it seem like they really don’t focus on him at all and i fell like it’s a same that they really aren’t doing anything with him at this point as i really loved what he did in TNA and thought the character would be a perfect fit for WWE but it seem like they never really gave him a chance of prove that the character could work in NXT and he’S just another body.

I might be wrong or i miss something along the way, but i don’t heard anything about the guy and he’s never on any of the takeover special so i thought they just forgot about him and his talent are being wasted on NXT.

He’s really good on the mic but none of his takeover matches have been on par with the rest of the cards. When you’ve got Adam Cole, Ricochet, Dream, Gargano or Ciampa on a PPV you clearly see EC3’s lack of in ring skills. He’s a bit in the same situation as Elias.

Nothing happened to him. He was a bad gimmick in a bad promotion and he got over to a small audience. Then shows up in NXT and can’t even jerk the curtain for guys we haven’t seen on a Takeover yet. He had a flat match vs Dream in Brooklyn and isn’t interesting.

He’s a guy that would be better off on the main roster because he has a body that Vince likes. No point in him being in NXT at all.

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He needs a heel turn, a main roster debut, a Bobby Roode heel turn and a team is formed, because they’re pretty much the same person.

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These two guys would be so much better served in the current Indy environment.
I was talking to somebody recently how Bobby Roode missed the mark I’m staying Indy. He could have had a SCU like resurgence but instead is generic wasted former TNA guy in the WWE

Roode said that at his age he was just happy to be there. Some guys are like that, just happy to be there. I’m not saying EC3 is currently happy.

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His quirky sense of humor is great for NXT, while his wrestling is great for matches on the main roster, if that makes any sense.

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Everything was already booked for Takeover…there’s only a one hour show a week and you can’t put everyone on tv.

He’s on about 1% of nXt.

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