What happened to the "Gentleman" Jack Gallagher?

What happened to the “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher?

I never see him wrestle anymore in the WWE.

He was released years ago. He’s in BKFC now

I’m not sure if you are trolling but he was released bc of sexual misconduct allegations

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Speaking of CWC participants, What happen to Jordan Devlin? Wasn’t he also part of Speaking Out? @Alex_Patel

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Yeah he was accused of abuse I think. I believe he is still there

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He got drafted to Raw

He goes by JD McDonagh now.

A lot of guys get a bit more of a free pass.

Austin and Dana hit their wives and it’s ignored.

Will Osprey also had some speaking out issue that was swept away.

Let’s not talk about Vince.

It’s an unfair world sometimes


The issue for Osprey was that he was accused of telling a promoter not to book a wrestler who had accused a friend of his for abuse. Will and the promotion itself denied he told anyone not to book them. Not nearly in the same league as the others.


FWIW, Devlin was in the NXT UK tourney, but not the CWC. For more information about the CWC, stay tuned to yr Cafe feed… :wink:


No not in that league. But still not good and sort of brushed away bc of who he is a little


Damn I missed the high spot to plug this myself

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