What if it was the black performers who had to stay home for the Greatest Rumble?

Would that still be fine?

Would you still shrug and say “well that’s unfortunate I guess but the WWE has no control over other countries’ laws”?

What’s the difference?

Yes. there is none. what if it was white performers? If you disagree don’t watch. If you want to do something more radical then call a jihad on the anti female assholes who live their and do something more radical

Jihad means a personal struggle against sin. You’re using the bastardised version that has been popularised by Western media that means to attack your enemies. Don’t do that. It’s an entirely incorrect translation of a word that has nothing to do with what you’re suggesting. It’s an easy mistake to make because we’ve been taught the incorrect translation and it’s become so common place that it now appears as not just part of the definition of the word but the main definition. They basically white-washed a word.

I’d love to see this show boycotted. I’d love to see the fans unite over this like they did over the Moolah thing. It just doesn’t seem to be gaining any real steam because it’s much harder to focus on a whole country than on the deeds of one person. It’s hard to target sponsors when none have been announced thus far and the only true sponsor of the show we know of is the government of the country it’s in.

The card for the show is ridiculous and there’s no way people aren’t going to watch it unfortunately. Things might be different if it was based on race, sure - though reducing it to “What if it was White performers having to stay home” is daft when the company is owned, run and populated by mostly White people. Saudi Arabia wouldn’t have even considered a WWE event if that was going to be the case

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Women are not a minority pal.

Also…Western women and their philosophy don’t have to live there like systemic racism and America.

Bad comparison.

It’s wrong no matter how WWE tries to spin it. It’s all about a multi million dollar pay day they are getting from the royalty there.

Now that you mention it… when was the last time WWE had a black performer main event a PPV?

So I decided to go back through the WWE calendar and see when the last time was…

Hell in a Cell 2016. Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte Flair for the RAW Women’s title in the first ever women’s Hell in a Cell match.

There’s been other events since then featuring other people of colour, mostly of Asian or Samoan descent, but there’s not been a Black main eventer in the company for years. I’m not digging further right now because I’m tired and have a head ache but off the top of my head, the last time WWE had a Black “main eventer” was Lashley’s first run; and it can be argued whether or not he could be considered a main eventer.

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Titus O’Neil to headline a PPV because…box checked. :roll_eyes:

Or invest time in a guy like Big E who has all the requisite skills of a top guy and actually let him do something besides pimp pancakes & fling flapjacks. :100:

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I think the thing holding Big E back the most is that he clearly loves working this comedy with the rest of the New Day. They’ve been able to show that he has more in him with the program with the Uso’s but he must feel like he can make lots of money selling of this merch while messing about with his mates. I remembered when he debuted and everyone talked about how he was going to be Vince’s next project, I think he’s in a better position now to do that then back then. The guy has a ton of personality and has improved greatly in the ring. But I think the bigger component is, do the WWE want to give up that revenue stream when it’s still working for them. It’s the age old John Cena situation, never turned heel as he also sold tons of merch.

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I was just talking about that dilemma on a show last week. Big E (And quite frankly the entire New Day stable) are kind of prisoners of their own success.

Big E should be a main event guy. Kofi should be gearing up for one last big singles run that culminates in a mid-card title or a win in next year’s Andre battle royal. And I’d love to see Xavier bring some more personality to 205 Live. I don’t think there needs to be a big breakup/fued, but I would male this the last year of TND as a permanent stable. Sure you might be passing on some immediate merch money, but you’re also investing in a guy that could be a big draw in a year or two. :100:

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Obviously the main difference is one is a race, one is a gender. I’m being sincere in case that reads… snarky.

The religion most commonly practiced in Jeddah forbids men to check-out women (who you’re not married to). And it would not be appropriate to have women preform there on a family show.

There’s nothing in the holy Quran that encourages racism.

Men and Women = Different
Black race to Other races = Same

We gotta stop pretending that it’s not a Muslim country. When decisions are made, the people’s beliefs are being factored. Some aspects of their religion, like women and hijab, are more valued to them than others. Other rules like how men need to be covered from the navel down to knees, are being ignored. The event actually shouldn’t even be happening if they were staying true to their teachings. But you’re not viewing it from the perspective of a Saudi Arabian.

I don’t agree that Big E is potentially a big star. Too much of a goofball even compared to the other 2. I’d actually prefer to see Xavier Woods go solo.

Yeah he is the goofball but if you watched that promo between the Uso’s and the New Day before Fastlane and you can see the awesome serious side he has. It’s similar to what was said about King Booker, you can do comedy high up as long as the comedy stops in the match.

Say hi to John Cena, Triple H and Shawn Michaels; three guys off the top of my head that have acted as goofy, or more so, and are huge stars in this business. Kurt Angle’s another. Steve Austin did goofy shit too, although that was once he was a made man, I grant you. The Undertaker’s whole gimmick has been goofy since the jump, it’s just dark. Booker T did tons of goofy stuff during his run and has always been considered a least a second tier performer.

Oh, yeah… and there was this one guy - I mean, granted he is pretty niche and easy to forget - I think he was called The Rock.

Did I make my point?

What Big E does right now, isn’t what he’d be doing in the main event. Look at Mark Henry; he went from Sexual Chocolate, having deformed hand children with OAP’s to inducting everyone and their dog into the Hall of Pain - granted Henry may never have been the draw that The Rock and the others I mentioned were but he did goofy and then serious and no one thought that was an unbelievable transition.

Big E and Kofi could both move into the main event over the coming months and no one could say they hadn’t earned that spot. As a group the New Day is massively profitable and still hugely over with the audience from top to bottom - some people are tired of the comedy, sure, but no one hates on their matches because they deliver.

All told, Kofi should be in the main event already and the only reason he isn’t is because Randy Orton had a tantrum one time. Kofi’s proven he can hang with the best of them, in the ring and on the mic, he should’ve been main eventing shows for years but he isn’t cos some redneck with a famous last name got upset that one thing went wrong one time, and they never gave him a second chance. That’s just bullshit when you consider how many second chances Orton himself has been given for acting like a douchebag backstage and popping wellness violations.

The wrestlers you mentioned can do the serious part really well which is what made them big stars and they weren’t tainted by their goofy stuff. I’m sceptical over Big E being able to do that and that’s the issue, don’t think he has much outside of the over the top comedy. A rare promo which was okay (not great like some pretend and he wasn’t even the best on the mic in that segment) against the Usos isn’t enough to go on.

Big E’s initial run was as the super-serious bodyguard of Dolph Ziggler. He can do serious like a heart attack.

Can’t keep himself serious on social media tho. :laughing:

Maybe ditch the hip thrusts and maybe people like me can picture him beating Brock Lesnar.

I’m on Team big E. That guy can be a main eventer.

Big E has shown the ability to be both comedic and menacing at various points in his career. He’s a good worker for a big.man, & he can connect with the audience (both in the arena and through digital platforms). He’s also one of the few non-Cena performers who is a natural doing the mainstream schmoozing that the Fed loves so much. He can do the Today shows or the Fallon shows and not feel out of place.

Plus let’s not act like being super-serious is the only way to get over. Strowman is goofy as hell, Joe is serious as a heart-attack, Cena’s somewhere in-between…But all 3 are over. Big E’ s a legit future singles star if they have the guts to pull the trigger. :100:

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