What if it was the black performers who had to stay home for the Greatest Rumble?

Don’t forget the time between the Big E Bodyguard run and his current Big E New Day run, he had Big E singles run that really floundered. I think he can be a main event guy, but WWE didn’t give him a chance the first time.

I don’t think his time in New Day hinders him, it could be effective as hell. A couple chair shots to the back ala Seth to the rest of the Shield and he’s already in your upper main heel picture.

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It’s not fine, it quite frankly sucks, but at the end of the day it’s about Business. WWE must be getting a fuck tonne of money for this show.

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Exactly. If I ran the company I wouldn’t take the money…But there’s a ton of things that VKM & the WWE front office do that I have issues with & would have done in a different way.

I;m not going as far as @Deezy and say that the outrage is “fake”, because I DO think that a lot of fans/subscribers have an issue with the WWE and their take on SA’s policy. But at the end of the day how many people will actually cancel their subscriptions and/or not watch WWE going forward? Not many I suspect.

It’s like the fans who constantly complain about Roman’s reign…If you were really that mad/sick/tired you’d voice your concerns with your wallets. That’s the only language WWE understands & the only language that can actually affect change. It’s why Moolah’s name was scrubbed from the bettle royal…WWE will not abide losing money. :100:



From what i got listening to john and wai talking about it and from hearing JAson agnew and dave meltzer talking about it on his new show. WWE really has no control on this show at all outside outside of booking the matches on the event and even that is touchy at best. The fact that they had to cancel part of their canadian tour that weekend just so they could have that event on the date the saudi arabia officials wanted says something about how much control they truly have.

The fact is, this is the wrestling business and this deal like it or not is a big deal for them so taking the moral high ground no matter what it is wasn’t a option for them in this situation. They either took the moral high ground and didn’t do the show and get the shaerholders mad at them for not doing the show or they take the contract, make a boat load of money and for one night, just roll with the punches which makes everybody happy. They went with option B which is the best business move you could make and any Great business man would have gone with the same option.

If the girls can’t go to Saudi Arabia. …than put them on their own house show loop during it.

Then we can see if they draw and can see if their own show is possible…win/win.


The only issue with the latter idea of WWE sucking it up for one night, is that it isn’t just a one-night deal; the event is designed to kick off a long financial arrangement to bring WWE to the region, so we will likely see a series of bloated, problematic cards such as this.

I know this event (and the overall deal) is strictly motivated by money, but it still concerns me that we’ll potentially see a bunch of angles built in service of a throwaway show for a month or two every year, given the ludicrious money, time, and starpower being devoted to the card.

TL;DR: I think the money isn’t worth it to give a bloated, Mania-style card to a disposable show in a region that currently excludes many viable performers.

But at the same time, put yourself in theirs shoes for a minute. If you we’re in charge of WWE and a deal like this one comes on your desk, would you sign the deal or turn it down? Any good business man would sign the deal no matter what it means for the product as a whole.

Yes, it a problem that they will have every time Saudi Arabia call them for a show but in the end it worth it if that means they can make a profit and and help pay for other sections of the company that don’t turn a profit,

Money is the reason… but I agree. They shouldn’t be doing a show in a country where a large amount of their talent are not allowed to perform…

Thought I solved this already…put the women on their own house show loop.

problem solved…find something else to get offended over.

There’s a difference between racism and sexism (especially a non hate fueled level of sexism). The difference of course is that racism, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, antisemitism, etc. all come from being insecure over something you have had very little contact with and treating them with suspicion because of it and viewing them as having something wrong with them. Whereas when it comes sexism it’s not a case of suspicion or paranoia, it goes back to the idea of women needing to be protected and not being as capable as adult men (looking at things with a “women and children” mentality which still exists to a lesser degree in the west). Both are cases of bigotry but you can’t say it’s the same thing, it’s pretty ignorant to say so.

BUT if we are to say that it isn’t different and it is the same thing then is it sexist to segregate men and women like it’s considered racist to segregate people based on race? Should AJ Styles give Carmella a Styles Clash and unify the belts?

Thought I’d just fuck with people’s heads here and make them question their whole outlook on life.

Mind not blown

There’s a line of common sense that we shouldn’t cross

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Look. We all have our opinions on this. I think we’ve discussed it to death. It was shitty for the women. But would you have said no in Vince’s shoes? He’s got shareholders and the modern corporation is an amoral machine that says getting money now trumps anything else. I’m against this, but it’s reality.

Which is exactly what they Saudi government are thinking. Their line of how far gender equality should go is just in a different place. Obviously we disagree with how far back their line is but the point here really is that if you’re so set in your ways that mentally you think it’s ridiculous to go past a certain line then you should know how crazy they’d think it is for them to go past their line. The point also is that the comparison between female wrestlers and racial minority wrestlers isn’t one that really works.

I think it works

We have to actually look at the reason behind the status of women in that country.