What if Taker/Cena isnt a match?

What if it’s just a staredown/angle to set up a SummerSlam match?


I don’t know how to feel about this “feud”. I have no clue what they are doing here, if they will actually have a match or what will happen. They’ve gone on for weeks about John Cena “being a fan” at Wrestlemania, they pretty much have to go through with that now. So when does he join the crowd? Do we kick off Wrestlemania with John Cena going to his seat? Maybe he comes down and kicks off the show with a promo and when he’s about to go to his seat, Taker finally shows up.

Does he interrupt a segment later in the night, maybe Elias and then Taker shows up? As shitty as a lot of the builds have been, I have to give the WWE credit here, this is a ballsy move in my opinion. It is not something we are used to. The fans have “known” its going to be Cena/Undertaker, but they’ve built it up so much, that there isnt an actual match for the show. Is it risky? Could parents who dont know better, tell their children that they arent ordering the network, because John Cena wont be wrestling or The Undertaker wont be there?

Sure, its Wrestlemania and most people will just order and watch anyway, but you gotta think there are at least some that wont, because of this. I’m definitely now more intrigued by this angle, with no actual announcement.

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I guess it would give that show a big match and you probably don’t need it on Mania with everything else but I wouldn’t see the point. To be honest I don’t know why they’ve done this as I don’t think Taker should do any matches now, I’m fine with him being retired.

The only thing I really dislike about this build is that when Cena comes out at Mania it makes no sense anymore

He will come out and sit in the crowd, Kid Rock will perform and Taker will show up during American Bad Ass.

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I agree that there will be a Kid Rock thing with American bad ass Taker coming out. But it’s still disappointing building for what should be a “dream match” You don’t even need Taker to appear live or even give a response. All you need is a couple smoke and mirrors and a couple of those old creepy video clips they used before Biker Taker debut back in the day.

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American Badass with a Taker on the bike entrance, attacking Cena in the front row for a street fight (not a real match) would be okay, but a waste of time at this point. How do you incorporate a ref into this without it looking super silly

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I think once Taker laid down his ring gear, his status became similar to a football player in the NFL.

At that point, he was (D) Doubtful.

McCool posts some working out videos, he’s upgraded to (Q) Questionable.

WrestleMania season starts to roll around, Kid Rock is involved, Cena is free, Taker is upgraded
to P - Probabe.

Right now, he’s a ‘game time decision’.

Hopefully they interview John a few times in between matches

OR there could be some lightning on Smackdown.

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Lightning on Smackdown would be awesome. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Cena appears and says he hasn’t tried to get a response on Smackdown (similar to how he did with cities last night) and then he gets his reply


Then he should show up on 205 & mixed match challenge too. Challenge him to Cena/Nikki vs Taker/Mccool.

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Id be good with them doing nothing at mania and then have Cena cut a promo the raw after mania and then have him come out.

Setup a match for summerslam or next mania.

It’s really stupid not announcing it. At this point people will be disappointed if it doesn’t happen but not surprised if it does. I don’t see how that benefits anyone/anything.

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I don’t why, but i’m guessing that WWE didn’t do this build on purpose and they truly thought they could get the undertaker to agree to another match at mania and when that didn’T happened then they got stuck with that build so i wouldn’T be surprise at all if they just do a segment during mania instead of a actual match.

While that match was a dream match, it’s way too late to actually do it now, considering the physical limitation of the undertaker and Cena isn’t a spring chicken himself and as his own limitation so it unless you do like a street fight type of match, this would be even worst then the reigns match taker had last year, so i’m perfectly happy with taker just coming down to the ring and fighting Cena for 5 minutes and then he fade into the sunset and that’s it for taker.

Does Undertaker have enough clout that if he says “I want to do a Mania match this year”, he gets one? Or are they actually sending someone to Texas to assess what state he’s in first? In other words, are they making the call to “undo” the retirement angle because WWE and Taker both feel he can do a better match this time?

Last year he did a match knowing he badly needed a hip replacement. This year he’s got a new hip, so he might be more mobile than he’s been in years. Or not.