What is Finn Balor's character?

The guy has been on the main roster for over two years now, and has done nothing of consequence since losing the title.

We also don’t know anything about him… at all.

I guess he likes to smile, is a “good wrestler” and is small. He’s also extraordinary. Sometimes he paints his body and face and crawls around (which they still haven’t explained).

I understand the guy is pretty bad on the mic but how has it been two years and he has had no memorable matches, promos, feuds - nothing.

He’s also 37 and injury prone. I just don’t understand anything they’ve done with him at all and it’s just been a huge waste.

Sounds like he’s Apollo Crews twin.

The thing is, his character “Balor club is for everyone” with the rainbows is completely separated from the demon. It does not make any sense.

Finn Balor is one (of many) great examples of wrestlers i think would have been better off staying on the indies/Japan/Mexico etc. His time in NXT was great (who’s isn’t?) and then the main roster turned him into a shadow of his former self.

It would not surprise me one bit if he looks at what’s going on outside WWE, especially with his former Bullet Club stablemates, and wishes he was still out there with them. Likewise Gallows and Anderson (when were they last even on TV?), The Revival etc.

Well, I think unless Erick Rowan is ready to return, there are only five teams on SmackDown. So they will presumably get a run at Survivor Series. The five that I can come up with (excluding The Bar) are Sanity, New Day, The Colons, The Usos and The Club,

Finn Balor is still the guy who started the Bullet Club and had an awesome NXT run.

That’s who he is to me after all this time on the main roster.

But HUGE What If game: if Balor didn’t get hurt at Summerslam the night he won the Universal Title.

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That’s one of my life mottos actually : You are defined by what you did.

I was Big in Japan, I like to dress up for big matches, but not really, I like Legos and down with the LGBTQ community.

i never got the appeal that balor had with the hardcore fans. To me, i felt really generic even during is NXT run. The only time i felt they had something with him was when they would use the demon character mostly because it actually gave him a personality.

The one thing i was hoping for him is that they build his main roster character around the Demon character and have a back story has to why he reverts to this character in certain situation. But we really got nothing out of this and it’s barely use at all. So Balor is pretty much just your average wrestler on the roster now as he just doesn’T stand out from the pack anymore. It was already a though road for him to stand out because he’s doesn’t have a lot of build in charisma and had to work harder to get notice but at less when he debut on the main, he had the crowd on his side. After he came back from injury, he didn’T have that momemtum anymore and that’s kinda why he been in this happy go lucky character since then.

Same as if Daniel Bryan doesn’t get hurt in 2014… all roads lead to Brock Lesnar.

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When you debut as a face you rarely ever have any real character. It takes being a heel first to really develop a character. Until he turns heel he will just be a bland face with no depth.

LOL at fetishizing heels.

Making fun of towns and being angry doesn’t add character depth.

Has he ever said anything about the LGTBQ community in any promo on TV?

One character trait I forgot - he loses a lot.

The whole run has just been a huge waste by creative. Balor cant do comedy at all or act so he’s never going to rise above the mid-card. He’d be better off on the indies/NJPW.

They botched a chance to tell a real good story about who Gallows and Anderson were most loyal to when Balor came back from injury. That could have been teased for weeks or months leading to the match between AJ and Finn which wound up being a spur of the moment thing (at least that was quality)

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Balor had to lose to Kane the night after that AJ match.

That’s because Kane was being built up to feed to Strowman, who was being built up to turn heel and make Roman strong. Now, none of those guys are over.

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Strowman isn’t over…maybe actually watch the shows.

Summerslam he was a face.

HIAC he was a heel.

Survivor Series he’s a face.

Great storytelling.

In his singles run, Braun has always been a face for me (being cheered and not refusing it or insulting the audience) and has always been over.

Big reason why he went back to being a “face”…way to leave that out.

He seems to be a big supporter of gay rights. You could push him more as a liberal character, I don’t know how you work that into a wrestling show and make it tasteful, but it’s possible. To me the “Balor Club” could be that he’s accepting of all people from different walks of life. Is it cheesy? Yes, but some of the best babyfaces in the history of wrestling have been a little cheesy. This guy could go further if we knew more of his own personality, at least that’s how I feel.