What is the best show WWE could put on?

This would be epic

One where they pretend Vince McMahon isn’t running the show and is chilling at home with his grand kids…then maybe the jaded fan would actually give it a chance.

Kind of like the women’s PPV last year.

So a show where he wasn’t super involved? Sure that would be good. Or do you think he was booking all those matches. Maybe he cared about 2 of them.

He was working Gorilla like he does for every other show…don’t get it twisted.

The man still micromanages everything, don’t pretend for even a second that Triple H still isn’t under his thumb. Just because Triple H comes out and curtain calls and takes photos for social media doesn’t mean he was in charge.

You think Vince runs NXT? He likely has no idea what NXT even is until he needs new wrestlers

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Didn’t know the Evolution ppv was NXT.

There was an NXT title match, an NXT UK title match and a Mae Young Classic final. All were great bet he had nothing to do with them as they were not main roster. Was he at all involved with Charlotte and Becky sure, and likely with Rhonda yup. While I’m sure he still had input generally he seems to have less of a vision with the women, so probably less control.

He worked Gorilla the entire night…you going to pretend he just stepped aside to give Triple H the headsets?

Boy you bugging.

So you think he called and wrote every match because he was in guerrilla? When he wasn’t familiar with the performers (which has been shown when it comes to NXT.)

I missed you @Deezy

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You’re confusing what gorilla position does, it’s about timing out matches and relaying messages to the production staff, commentators and refs in order to stay on time.

You don’t exactly have to know anyone’s character for that.

Right, which means he isn’t booking the angles and matches, just coordinating the show. It is the writing he is bad at…if he isn’t writing but just “directing” the show that is a different set of skills.

If he was working Gorilla…that means he’s hands on…which means he micromanaging EVERYTHING…do you not know how Vince McMahon works?

Just stop…your hole is deep enough.

Right he’s just the best. God forbid we believe he didn’t make all the calls in matches with talent he knows nothing about by all indications on every other show…I mean I assume he was on guerrilla on RAW this week as well so he made every horrible decision on that show, and on Super Showdown. Know which shows we know he isn’t NXT takeover shows which are great every time. So even if I buy that he occasionally pulls out a good show all that says is he is horribly inconsistent. That is the best case scenario.

Oh for fuck sakes, Meltzer and every person who reported on the show said he was in charge of it.

And it’s GORILLA position…if you can’t even get that right…I’m not even bothering with you.

Oh no I spelled something wrong…you win V K McMahon is the god of Wrestling.

Did it occur to you that with characters he has less invested in that he might not change as much?

Spelling an entirely different word isn’t the same as a spelling error.

Also…I’m just telling you the actual truth here…don’t get angry because you can’t face the truth and are stuck in this message board mindset.

Truly shows how my initial statement on how pretending Vince McMahon isn’t in charge…actually makes people give it the benefit of the doubt before automatically labelling it trash before it happens.

Thanks for proving my point…your refusal to face truth just vindicated me.

I actually don’t think everything he does is trash, I just think he is very inconsistent in the quality, and I think his long term booking isn’t generally very strong. It’s not my fault you want to read into what I feel, because I don’t believe he was as engaged in the booking of some matches as he was with others which has largely been confirmed numerous times.

If the man is in charge of Gorilla position, he’s running the show…the whole show…end of story.

Let’s not try change the point here, if Vince is in charge…he’s going to have final say on EVERYTHING…it’s not like we don’t know this for a fact.

Yes but his final say might be much less controlling for Shayna vs Kairi, then it is for Becky v Charlotte, and less for that (at that time) than say Roman v Brock. So for the first he might have been like “ok you got 10 min.” Writers show him the match and he approves their first draft because he lacks investment in those characters, but he controls more in the others, because he has a vision for them. That is a human response to things in general. But even outside of Evolution he has had plenty of other good PPVs to look at, for the most part those shows are reasonably good of a bit long in some cases. For me it tends to be the week to week and long term angles that suffer more, and the development of anyone not in the main event picture.