What is the purpose of NXT UK and a Performance Center over there

Why are they doing so much stuff over there. They have to be loosing tons of money doing all that stuff over there. Do even UK fans watch NXT UK? Now they are getting a multi million dollar Performance Center over there? For guys who aren’t making money for the company? I mean they are killing the entire UK scene and at the same time loosing tens of millions of dollars.

Can anybody make sense of this for me.

Taking over a new territory where they can run shows year round instead of going there twice a year.

Pretty simple.

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They got spooked when ITV were doing World Of Sport.

My guess is they want it to feel like a true NXT and having the performance center will help with that. They have a lot of UK talent signed so they might as well reward them with a PC they can go to. Plus it’s a good way for them to keep tabs on their contracted wrestlers, see their progression and that could lead to them being put on the main roster.

Is this a real number that’s been reported?

Triple H has always said the plan would be to have multiple PC’s all over the world and the point to it is to groom their future stars.

they’ve been wanting to take over the world and implement a NXT territory system for a while now so it makes sense to start by creating a performance center for the brand so that they don’t have to fly those talents over to orlando all the time.

So this is just step one of what seem to be a global project for WWE, is this one works well then they can move on the the next country. So if i was AEW, i would try and sign as many top star from around the world before WWE beat them to it.

They’re at least loosing millions. If they build a PC like the one in Orlando it will be millions to build ad maintain. Then pay the wrestlers, production crew, etc. Then put on shows that loose tons of money. This is all incredibly expensive. No Americans are going to care about this and I can’t really see UK fans caring either. UK fans seem to only care about wrestling that happens in America. I can’t see any European wrestling company ever working or having a sizable following because they all just watch American wrestling.

You should really take a listen to The British Wrestling Experience.


If you watch NXT UK none of those guys are ever going to the WWE main roster. They’re all ugly midgets with shitty bodies. If they wanted to groom future stars they could just bring who ever they think is a star to Orlando and not loose millions over this meaningless endeavor that will kill European wrestling. They didn’t need a PC or an NXT in the UK to find Drew, Sheamus, Wade, Paige, Finn, Becky and Pac. They all just found them on the UK indy scene then brought them to Florida.

You talk such a load of old bollocks! Lol none of this is backed up by any facts whatsoever!

Be honest you just start these kind of posts for the reactions rather than having any kind of topical conversations don’t you?


Or they could be investing millions.

Or the shows could make money.

Or incredibly (or reasonably) lucrative.

Unless of course, they put out a good product.

I’ve got a feeling you might be American. :cowboy_hat_face:

Pretty sure there are European wrestling companies that are working and have a following. :thinking:


So guess what is financing thoses project. The money they are getting from the Saudi Arabia deal and the money from other deal they made over the last few years. For as popular as NXT is, They’re not making money with the brand and the same goes with NXT UK.

Are they filling the arenas around Europe? Are any of the wrestlers making a living from these companies? Are they covered on UK wrestling media (What Cultue, Cultaholic, Wrestle Talk TV)? I would love to see a European company get as big as New Japan and for Europe to have its own big time wrestling promotion.

NXT US has been largely pointless and has destroyed to a degree the American wrestling scene outside of WWE and NXT UK will do the same there.

Depends on how you view it I guess. It locks up talent, generates a lot of great buzz, and I’d argue that it draws a lot of people to the Network (I’d cancel my subscription if NXT wasn’t available).

There is a reason why loss leaders are a thing.

I’d venture to say yes. I mean, if they weren’t why would the WWE be over there?

The first episode of NXT UK premiered on the WWE Network in October of 2018. Their first Takeover is tomorrow. Success vs. failure in any significant way still remains to be seen.

I more or less just hate WWE conquering the world and destroying all wrestling outside of WWE. It would be one thing if they were making money by doing all these brands and shows but they aren’t and in the process oversaturating wrestling.

I will say this on a positive note, that at least the UK wrestlers in NXT are making more than they would on the UK scene other wise. Can anybody tell me if you can make a living as wrestler on any level of the UK scene?

Why are you using loose instead of lose?


Well, someone doesn’t know proper spelling and grammar.

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