What is the purpose of NXT UK and a Performance Center over there


Very smooth indeed.


The arguments made here by the OP are naieve, uninformed, made up, lack proper use of words, and hyperbolic.

But I recommend listening to Hunters recent interview where he describes the future of WWE territories.

That said - there is a fundamental issue taking place in the UK for WWE and it’s their major loss of viewership (down about 30% in recent months) and the fact they didn’t announce or sign a new Sky deal. Now from what I understand the Sky deal isn’t due til the fall but they did guide towards a new deal being in place by the end of 2018.

On the flip side - it could be argued that Rev Pro has a very known cast of characters and while WWE takes on other Indy talent in the UK, there seems to be somebody beating them at their own game.

I understand a goal of taking on territories but you get more with sugar and partnerships work. Whereas forcing match outcomes onthe indies and picking apart Progress and others is inevitably going to rub those local fans the wrong way.


Oh and it gets more talent hired and creates a competitive landscape to sign talent.

I will never understand wrestling fans who don’t think about talent who perform and entertain them and that they are humans trying to make livings. WWE investing in them gives them jobs. Why do we have to beat up on a concept that is purely investing in the future strategy of WWE and helps talent :thinking:


After watching tonight’s show, I think it’s obvious why they’ve chosen to open a performance centre here.

Great show.


After watching the show, do you still have doubts? I certainly don’t.


Jorts should have stayed in the 90’s


Let me start of saying that I’m American and I think the vast majority of Americans aren’t watching NXT UK. If they got rid of NXT UK I doubt any American would cancel the network. WWE has completely oversaturated their programming.

Is this thing a big deal in the UK? Can they tour and turn it into a profitable thing over there? Do you think they can do a live weekly show that is in a different city each week? What is the end game of NXT UK? NXT US is just a minor league to get guys ready for the main show and looses lots of money for the company. Is this to send guys (I didn’t see one male wrestler there that Vince would give a big push to on his TV) to RAW and SD?

Do you think this can be a profitable thing and can it be a true UK promotion or is it just money loosing feeder system for RAW and SD? I genuinely don’t know how much interest there is in the UK for this and if there is will it still be there in a year?

I’m all for wrestlers making a living but at the same time I don’t want WWE to completely kill any wrestling scene in every country like they have with NXT and 205 in the US. It just feels like Wal Mart coming in putting every one out of business.


NXT and 205 Live killed wrestling scenes? lolwut

I’m Canadian…and I watch NXT UK.

Don’t have to be from somewhere to enjoy it.

WWE had a year to crunch the numbers of how profitable a Performance Centre and touring brand would be in the UK.

And Walmart putting everyone out of business…welcome to capitalism pal.


I think a big downfall of TNA/Impact was NXT. People can only watch so much wrestling on tv and I think a lot of the ratings decline and general interest can be contributed to NXT. Before the Network and NXT Impact was still pretty prominent. NXT really oversaturated wrestling IMO.

I agree that that you don’t have to be from somewhere to enjoy it but most North Americans wrestling fans aren’t going to watch another NXT brand on top of Raw, SD, and NXT. Especially us Americans, were ugly that way and in general never watch anything that isn’t from America or know about what is going on in other countries…


I’m pretty sure Spike cancelled Impact way before NXT became what it is today.

Also being on channels nobody has probably played a bigger factor in TNA’s demise than another wrestling show.


I agree with that but their big downfall coincided with the formation of NXT. What time many wrestling fans had watching wrestling outside of RAW and SD went to NXT (and the Network in general) over Impact, a show that is designed to loose money instead of a company and show trying to make a profit. Once NXT and the network got going Impact went from a 1.0 to a 0.8 rating on Spike a couple of months later.


TNA was getting below 1.0 ratings as far back as 2010. You can’t blame NXT for that.

What you probably could blame NXT for is damaging RoH. They are nowhere near as hot as they once were in part because NXT and WWE have lured away just about all of their big names.

But I don’t care. I thought the NXT TakeOver Blackpool special was great and have no problem with NXT trying to take over the world. I want NXT Texas as a touring brand in just the state of Texas that I could regularly attend with decent production values at reputable venues instead of seeing indy shows at Redneck bars trying to be ECW 20 years later.


It was at a 1.1-1.0 range for years then the Network and NXT popped up and it went to a 0.8 by mid 2014. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impact!_(TV_series) There is some kind of correlation to that. I will say they were probably going to get kicked of Spike anyways because they couldn’t grow the audience. ROH has never been important and very relevant in the business. TNA has been.


You trying to tell me Bo Dallas was out drawing TNA?


Interesting debate in itself.
More relevant - no
More important - yes

I would argue ROH has been more important and influential to the business than TNA/Impact ever was. TNA even before the Hogan era was always trying to be a knock off WCW or WWE. And at its best it was a good version of that.
But ROH presented wrestling differently and gave birth to so many of the guys who I think get credit for changing the industry away from the bodybuilders and into the more talented workers. Punk, Bryan, Joe, Daniels, Rollins, McGuinnes, Cesaro, Cole. ROH and PWG should get the credit for letting the work be the product. And the partnership with New Japan has been game changing where who knows if New Japan ever blows up like it has without the real crossover presence at ROH shows. I mean look how TNA squandered guys from their.
That’s all to say that while more important and influential, TNA was always more relevant because of Spike, names like Sting, Angle and then the cringeworthy Hogan and Flair years.


WWE is making a ton of money right now, so I can afford to open those side projects without any repercussion.

Let’s face it, NXT and NXTUK will probably never be profitable for WWE but That’s not the point of those brand, the point is to give fans that don’t necessarily like what the main roster give them a product that they can enjoy.

The point is to train the next generation of star. So to put that into perspective, we might not like the fact that they are going to Saudi Arabia twice a year, but that deal help finance both NXT and NXTUK and their respective performance centre.


I really wish some fans would get off their high horse when it comes to going to Saudi. A substantial bit more wrestlers are going to be able to make a living because of this deal. It seems that the majority of this Saudi money will go into NXT’s in lots of countries and employing hundreds and maybe thousands of more people. I would love to see how much they loose just from NXT & NXT UK alone. Vince could easily just keep a much larger portion of that money to him self instead of wasting it on these largely unnecessary NXT vanity projects.