What is your AEW/NJPW undercard dream match?

Now that the forbidden door is opening (sorry John but it’s fun to say) what would be your one undercard dream match to book?

To start the ball rolling…

Minoru Suzuki vs Darby Allin

At some point, you’d go from rooting for Allin’s comeback to fearing for his life 8 minutes into the match. And if that’s not pro wrestling I’m not sure what is.

Exciting times…just wanted to see if there’s interest. Thanks.

Despite his current gimmick, I would like to see Miro vs Ishii.

If this match has never been done, I would love to see ZSJ vs Pac.

That Suzuki/OC match that was scheduled for Mania week last year has to happen at some point.

With the recent crap rating KENTA match did I’m wondering whether this is will be as big as I thought it would. Maybe it will be if they bring over bigger stars. Or maybe the American audience honestly doesn’t watch NJPW. Was puzzling I expected a bigger resting for those 4.

As for the the undercard I think the following would be fun:

Osprey vs OC
ZSJ vs Pac
Suzuki vs Miro

Naito vs. Orange Cassidy
Cage vs. Ishii

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I’m not well versed in NJPW so forgive me but we need to get that Toru Yano guy involved who always duct tapes people and generally fucks around. Yano vs. Orange Cassidy sounds excellent.

Shingo vs. Rey Fenix

What was the rating like?

I mean, they were one of the top non-Cable News programs of the night. I think AEW and NXT have suffered tremendously over the last six months or so, with so many big news items dominating the ratings.

I haven’t seen AEW do anything that reactionary / drastic course changes, in terms of ratings it seems. I think for something as big as this current possible angle has, they’ll probably stick to it and let it build for a while.

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Cage vs Ishii would be one of my picks

Also like to see MJF vs. Tanahashi and Sanada vs. Hangman

Wait…what? AEW was the top non-news shown on a night that cable was dominated by impeachment trial coverage. It is very unfair to lay on Kenta the viewership numbers. In a match with Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley, you could also blame those two for not drawing if all you look at is viewership not in context.

As for a real “undercard”, the NJPW major shows and the AEW PPVs four times a year barely have undercard slots (save for the pre-show for AEW.) Most of their matches fit the older definition of “midcard” (i.e. good wrestlers but not top draws.) So I’m not sure I could even book a true undercard match… but try this:

Honma vs. Pretty Peter Avalon

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There is a bit of Homer Simpson in Suzuki - would be a father v son match. Easy to sell

I’m not blaming KENTA only but the lowest quarters for AEW were the last two. Which for them is odd because they tend to draw well for Omega (not overall but the demo) and Moxley in general.

KENTA isn’t a massive draw even in NJPW so I don’t think that it’s all doom and gloom.

On a personal level since they started getting with Impact I haven’t been as interested. I don’t watch Impact and it seems like it’s a step down to get involved with them. NJPW would obviously not be a step down and I would welcome a true working relationship.

However I guess in terms of if the audiences will care that much it remains to be seen. It’s a little disappointing to have Mox Vs Omega be your lowest rated segment especially with KENTA having his first match too.

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I want the match I was flying down to Tampa for pre-pandemic. Orange Cassidy vs. Minoru Suzuki

Thanks picjapan. I just meant undercard as the generic term for any prelim matches on the card under the main event. This would include ‘mid carders’ who might open the show. I like your pick though. Avalon vs Yoshi Hashi went through my head.