What is your closest Tim Hortons?

All this talk of one cream, one sugar, iced cappuccinos, and the Timmy’s where all of Scarborough seemingly gathers makes me curious to how far a Tim Hortons is from everyone?

I live in Montana, so my “home” Timmy’s is 241 miles north of me in Creston, BC, with Pincher Creek, AB running a close second at 300 miles.

I swear Tim Hortons needs to sponsor POSTWrestling, lol

I had no idea there were 686 US locations. I 100% believed it was just a Canada thing I would never understand.

Closest one is only 230 miles away!

I live in Birmingham and my nearest Tim Hortons is 68 miles away in Liverpool! I’m actually super stoked now as I’ll be heading up there at some point next year and I’m 100% going to a Timmy Horties and grabbing a nice mocha latte


The closest US Tim Hortons location is 705 miles away from me, lol

Guess I’m giving my Timmy’s business to Canada.

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Less than 1 minute drive, 2 to 5 minutes of walking depending on the weather and traffic lights


Being in S. Florida id say Virginia or KY. I did attend the NHL draft a couple of years ago where the FL Panthers play in Sunrise, FL and they did have a mobile Tim Hortons stand there so I did buy a couple of products. They also sell the k-cups at bed, bath, and beyond so that’s that. I do have Toronto on my bucket list of cities to visit. I’ll definately go if I do that.

I’m from Leicester so I’m about the same distance away. I really want to go to one after hearing John and Wai talk about them so much.

It’s like a pilgrimage. An arduous journey to the spiritual home of POST Wrestling in order to drink coffee and pay our respects.


The closest one, which I had no idea, is only about five minutes away from my house, and another 16 in my state of WV. I’m not a coffee drinker, so that’s just more everyone else.


I have 5 Tims within a 2-4 min radius.

A road trip thru Canada can be traced using a map of Tim Horton locations - that’s where civilization is.

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Closest Tim’s is about a 10-minute drive from my home. I should’ve gone more often, especially when my cousin was working there.

One minute drive, five minute walk. You’ll find me at my local Timmy’s early Saturday or Sunday mornings studying so I don’t wake my wife and kids up.

That being said, living in greater Vancouver we have a higher concentration of Starbucks. I’ve seen the highest concentration of Timmy’s on my visits to Calgary…Alberta, Canada.

Right next door. There are too many in my opinion. Mcdonalds coffee is better.

Please don’t break my dreams of this being good coffee!

Aye, due to all the praise it gets I imagine a cup of T.H.Joe tastes like liquid dreams.

Apparently there are three in Manchester and one in Bury, which I had never noticed in all my time living in between both and frequently visiting both. Might have to check them out some time.

I live in the suburbs of Chicago, and the closest location is well over 100 miles away. I went to school in the southeast part of Michigan, and there are many in that area.

No idea, don’t think they exist here in Sweden… So maybe England? Quite a journey for a coup of coffee :slight_smile:

My nearest one is 4660 km.

But does anyone know if there is one in the UK or Ireland? I heard there is… in which case my nearest Timmy’s would be more like 1500 km away.


Two blocks away, but there’s a much better coffee shop between it and my apartment, so I’ve never actually gone into it.