What is your closest Tim Hortons?

No timmy’s here bruv. I’ve only ever been in one in Ontario. Can’t imagine the Quebecois liking it much.

2 minute drive from my home. At work, there’s one literally in the building! But the service is complete shit

It’s actually very popular in Quebec. The amusing part is asking a Quebecer to pronounce Tim Hortons. It would sound something like “Tim Ortan”

The Viper’s half cousin?

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Lol yeah the bastard son of the viper and Sylvain Grenier


I had two down the street close down this year :frowning:

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What the hell did you do to them??

apparently there is one in Oakland in the middle of an ice rink. Good to know?

I’m a basic folgers coffee drinker. I drink so much coffee we would be broke if I used pods or bought coffee from a store.

None near me, but there are a ton in Toledo, and we’re passing through tomorrow on the way to see my in-laws… I think we’re gonna go out of the way to pay homage to the Café…

I wish I knew. Dunkin donuts coffee tastes like bathwater diarrhea.

Only 335KM away! Does involve a dip across the sea to England :smile:

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Makes me think of the scene in Robin Hood Men in Tights


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Please don’t break my dreams of this being good coffee!

it’s not great tbh but it’s better than McDonalds and it’s cheaper than Starbucks

i should know there’s one across the street

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There’s like six in a thirty mile radius of me that I’ve literally never seen in my life and I live in the Greater Manchester area of England. A bunch down south it seems too.

I live in Asia so about 8000 KMs away.

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There’s nine in my little suburb. Three of them within a half-hour walk.

none in Australia it turns out :frowning:

My “nearest” one is in Cardiff, though I’m sure I’ll visit the Manchester one when I’m next up there for PROGRESS.

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There’s a bunch in my area but the closest is a 3 minute drive away.

One has just opened in the shopping centre about a mile away from my flat, I’ve yet to try it though