What is your most anticipated match of the whole weekend?

lucha bro’s vs rob van dam & sabu. I haven’t watched impact since bound for glory but since I first heard this match is taking place I’ve been most intrigued to see it.

Tanahashi & Osprey vs Suzuki & ZSJ on the rev pro show should be awesome. There are so many great matches we are so spoiled.

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The Greatest Clusterfuck. I cannot wait for the sheer levels of bizarre that this match will include.

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Adam Cole vs Johnny Gargano is gonna be one hell of a bout to watch. The entire Takeover card, in general as well.

  1. Invisible Man vs Invisible Stan
    I cant wait to see what the fan reaction is going to be like in this match.

  2. Scott Steiner vs Swoggle
    Steiner is gold and its going to be hilarious to watch him kick Swoggles ass.

  3. Will Ospreay vs Jeff Cobb
    Depending how much time they get, I really could see this match stealing the weekend.


Walter vs Dunne for sure. Okada vs White in front of the US crowd may be epic

Kofi vs. Bryan. They got me.

Dunne vs WALTER

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I echo dunne vs walter

Naito vs ibushi could be a weekend best

Cobb vs osprey

Lucha bros vs van dam and sabu

Cole vs Gargano

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Josh Barnett vs Minoru Suzuki.

That entire card is interesting.


Seth rollins vs Brock Lesnar

Randy orton vs aj styles

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Bryan vs Kofi is definitely most for me.

Dunne vs Walter and it’s not even close. If you picked any match at WM over this you need to give your head a shake


I guess I need to shake my head no no no.

The match I’m most excited for is Gargano vs Cole. Gargano was my favorite wrestler of 2018 and both are two of the talents that continue to make NXT the best wrestling show in the world. This match was kind of thrown together but it’s already a natural rivalry because both have been obsessed with winning the championship.

I am also excited about Rousey vs Charlotte vs Becky. Rousey vs Charlotte and Charlotte vs Becky were excellent matches last year. The storyline has been a mess and I’m worried that the crowd will be dead. But I am expecting a hell of match between the three.

No I mean WM specifically. I agree on takeover many matches may be amazing. Including Gargano vs Cole. I think Dunne vs Walter will be the best though.

WM itself looks poor. The women’s title build has been bad and the match will be fine. It won’t be 5stars. Becky isn’t as hot as she was around the Rumble.

No way that match is better than Dunne vs Walter.

I’ve heard a lot about Swoggle’s match with Steiner, but I wanna see him vs Nick Gage

Gargano - Cole
Dunne - Walter
Okada - White
Ibushi - Naito
Tanahashi - ZSJ
IWGP Jr Heavyweight
Kofi - Bryan

This weekend is so stacked!

Good to see at least one person is watching NXT-UK, because not even the live crowds are bothered. I’m sure it will be a good match but they’ll need a killer hype video to get the crowd invested in that.

I’m adding ‘Best 7-out-of-13 Falls Match: Logan Easton LaRoux vs. Chris Brookes’ and ‘Chuck Taylor vs. Trent Baretta (1-Minute Time Limit)’ to my list, both from the Orange Cassidy show.


This show sounds wild!

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Strictly from a TV / Streaming view-point:

  • Takeover: Pete Dunne © Vs Walter - WWE NXT UK Championship.
  • G1 Supercard: Taiji Ishimori © Vs Dragon Lee Vs Bandido - IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship.
  • WrestleMania: Buddy Murphy © Vs Tony Nese - WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

I only have time to watch Wrestlemania this weekend so I guess what I’m most anticipated for isn’t really a match but is to see what surprise or surprises (if any), WWE delivers on the card. I’m thinking the most likely surprises will either come in the battle royal(s) or the Angle retirement match.