What’s everyone’s plans for Summerslam weekend?

As the eyes of the wrestling universe are going to glued to the 6ix this weekend what are everyone’s plans who live here or are visiting?

Hitting up NXT?
Raw and/or Smackeown?
Wait and Johns event?
Other shows in town?

Or just brass rail and burrito buyz?

Thursday Progress
Friday ROH
Saturday NXT
Sunday Summerslam
And maybe raw and or smackdown depending on how burnt out I am after first 4 nights

Unfortunately just takeover. The Indy shows that caught my eye are oddly early

NXT, SummerSlam, SmackDown and I will be at the POST show on Sunday! Wanted to hit a couple indie shows but the ones I like are also on an early schedule

I don’t get much free time to head into Toronto but I’ll be heading to the Post Wrestling show.

Thursday: Progress
Friday: Superstore then Axxess or ROH.
Saturday: The Summit meet & greet, Axxess, Takeover
Sunday: Axxess, SummerSlam
Monday: Raw
Tuesday: Smackdown

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There is so much to see. I’m driving in from Ottawa on Friday. So I’m going to miss the first few days.

I have tickets for NXT, Summerslam and of course Post Wrestling.

I figure my buddy and I will walk around the city the rest of the time and just wing it as we go.

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Friday - watch episode 6 & 7 of Cobra Kai (maybe episode 8 as well)

Saturday - mow the lawn and return a pair of running shoes that are super uncomfortable

Sunday - not sure yet.

Flying in Friday - not real plans at the moment.
NXT Tailgate
Post Live Show
Flying out.
Landing in NY in time to start Summerslam on delay around 8pm.