What’s worse: WCW 2000 or NXT 2.0?

Stemming from discussion on the NWA podcast - what was worse?

I’m leaning NXT. WCW 2000 was at least comically bad. NXT is just embarrassing and feels like 1992 WWF but with zero stars and all green people

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Woah, why are we bringing up 1992 WWF?

Great year and all four PPVs are classics from that year (okay Survivor Series isn’t that great, but still fun).

Topic at hand though… Can’t really answer, as much like most people, I haven’t watched any NXT 2.0.

NXT2.0>WCW2000>TNA 2010>Raw2021

NXT isn’t as bad as people say including me a few weeks back. It’s just misplaced on Cable TV as a weekly show. It’s pretty much back to NXT 2013 levels. That show produced name recognition in talented wrestlers so maybe this will unfold the same by 2022/2023

Raw2021 has many talent features that spent runs in TNA and frankly the TNA run was better or at least not 3 hours. Raw 2021 is more difficult to watch and of less quality than a TNA show back then and absolutely lacks the inherent comedy of WCW2000.

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There’s an episode of either Nitro or Thunder in 2000 where Vince Russo is at his very worst. The entire episode is focused on Russo avoiding wrestlers he’s feuding with. Between matches and promos it’s Russo desperately trying to be the Vince McMahon of WCW, with the worst acting, filming and dialogue you will see in a major promotion. It’s just him running around scared. It’s like watching a child film a home video.

Towards the end things got so bad they were recording both Nitro and Thunder on the same night. They’d already cut costs so much they were using that awful scaffolding and starry background for every event set, including PPVs, and just changing the lighting colours. At some point they were in tiny arenas too and had episodes of Nitro with Thunder’s blue ropes because they couldn’t even be bothered switching them out for tapings.

I’m WCW guy, but WCW in 00/01 will take some beating for worst eras in major promotions. From what I’ve seen of NXT 2.0, it still doesn’t come close to what happened to WCW.

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1992 WWF was awesome - in 1992.

NXT 2.0 feels like Vince and Bruce woke up and decided it’s 1992 again but with crappier gimmicks and no stars.

A poker guy? A mob guy? A university professor? A woke guy? Whatever the hell Von Wagner is?

And these people were just handed these gimmicks all at the same time. Zero introduction or build up. They are generic gimmicks plopped onto throwaway wrestlers that do nothing for anyone

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That’s the thing. This is a prime time network show with no stars, a bunch of horrendous gimmicks and green people.

If NXT goes back to a one hour show on the network again then I have no problem with this. But this stuff is embarrassingly bad for cable tv.

At least RAW has stars and people who can actually work. I can’t imagine USA is happy that this show gets a lower demo than law and order reruns